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Idle Air Stabilizer Valve

Is your ENGINE RACING up and down at idle, fast ... slow ... almost dies ... then revs up again??? Hunting ... for the correct RPM? The most common cause is a faulty idle air control stabilizer.Especially as the engine is warming up, but also after it is at operating after temperature, does your car "HUNT" for the correct RPM when you come up to a light? . . .
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Glow Plugs: TDI and Fast 1.6D

Now in stock! Ready to Ship! Genuine Bosch Glow Plugs! . . . .
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VW Fox 87-93 Ball Joint: $29.95

VW Fox 87-93 Ball Joint? All Left and right ball joints are different. Be sure to specify which side you need. Manufactured in Italy. . . . .
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VW Fox Front Suspension Coil Springs: from $45.95

For all VW Fox sedans and wagons 87-93. Sold each. OEM VW Brazil. If your VW Fox has over 100,000 miles, the front end is most likely sagging. While your replacing the shocks (sn#2147/sn#16077), why not include new springs, and strut bearings (sn#2013/sn#15200). We even have some SACHS VW Fox Gas Shocks (NOS) . . .
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VW Fox Front Strut Bearing and Mount: $19.95

OEM VW Brazil. This piece is the piece the front struts swivel on each time you turn or make a correction at the steering wheel. The entire weight of the car rests on these small bearings and the rubber mounts they sit in . . .
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VW Rear Stub Axle: $39.95

Fits all Rabbit, Jetta, Golf, Convertible, Pick Up, Scirocco, Quantum, VW Fox, Audi Fox, and Dasher from 1975-1998 that have drum brakes. Does not fit cars with ABS. Fits left or right . . .
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VW Fox Exterior Door Handles: from $29.95

VW Fox door handles are similar, but different, than handles for Rabbit, Jetta, Golf, etc. While they are a little more rugged, they don?t last forever. We have new OEM VW Brazil NOS (New Old Stock). Door handles made by Ellen of Brazil. These fit all VW Fox 87-93 sedan or wagon . . .
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VW Front Window Regulator: $49.95

(Window Winder/Window Lifter) NOS (New Old Stock) from OEM ZiGu in Brazil. Will fit either 2 or 4 door models. We also have the VW Fox window lift channel . . .
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VW Fox Taillight Assembly: $99.95

For VW Fox 91-93 Sedan. OEM VW Brazil; Cibie Brand. We have both drivers and passenger sides NOS (New Old Stock). Be sure to specify which side you need; they are different . . .
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VW Fox 91-93 Turn Signal Assemblies: $49.95

(These are located beside the head light assembly) These are OEM colors (clear and amber) and use a plain?not colored?bulb. (If your lens is clear with an amber bulb, these will work fine, but they are colored as described.) These are new OEM Valeo Cibie units made in Brazil . . .
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VW Fox Radiator Hose Kit (8 Piece Kit): $89.95

Fits all VW Fox with or without AC 87-93. Your Fox is already about 20 years old, and quite possible has never had the hoses changed on it. Maybe one or two were changed, but before the next one blows and leaves you . . .
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