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CV Joint Bolt: 8mm x 18mm, Set of 6

Item #:22365
Details:VW CV joint bolt. These CV bolts are found on 1993-1999.5 Golf, Jetta, and Passat with 4-cylinder engines and automatic transmissions. After 1992 VW moved to various inner CV joint designs depending on your vehicle, engine, and transmission combination. There is also a longer version of these same bolts (#12355) for cars equipped with the wide flat inner joints more commonly found in all earlier cars (1977-1992), and manual transmission cars (1993-1999). After 1999 a 10mm short (#22417) and long version (#22418) were also introduced. If you are unsure of which size bolt you need it may be best for you to go and take one off your car and measure before you order.
Fits:Automatic equipped cars with tripodic inner CV joints. Jetta and Golf 1993-1999, Cabrio 1995-2002, Passat 2.0 1995-1996, Passat TDI 1996-1997.

Year ModelEngine
1995Cabrio2.0 GAS
1996Cabrio2.0 GAS
1997Cabrio2.0 GAS
1998Cabrio2.0 GAS
1999Cabrio2.0 GAS
2000Cabrio2.0 GAS
2001Cabrio2.0 GAS
2002Cabrio2.0 GAS
1993Golf1.9 TD
1993Golf2.0 GAS
1994Golf1.9 TD
1994Golf2.0 GAS
1995Golf1.9 TD
1995Golf2.0 GAS
1996Golf1.9 TD
1996Golf1.9 TDI
1996Golf2.0 GAS
1997Golf1.9 TDI
1997Golf2.0 GAS
1998Golf1.9 TDI
1998Golf2.0 GAS
1999Golf1.9 TDI
1999Golf2.0 GAS
1994GTI2.0 GAS
1996GTI2.0 GAS
1997GTI2.0 GAS
1998GTI2.0 GAS
1999GTI2.0 GAS
1993Jetta1.9 TD
1993Jetta2.0 GAS
1994Jetta1.9 TD
1994Jetta2.0 GAS
1995Jetta2.0 GAS
1996Jetta1.9 TD
1996Jetta1.9 TDI
1996Jetta2.0 GAS
1997Jetta1.9 TDI
1997Jetta2.0 GAS
1998Jetta1.9 TDI
1998Jetta2.0 GAS
1999Jetta1.9 TDI
1999Jetta2.0 GAS
1998New Beetle1.9 TDI
1998New Beetle2.0 GAS
1995Passat2.0 GAS
1996Passat1.9 TDI
1996Passat2.0 GAS
1997Passat1.9 TDI
Our Price: $14.95
Availability: In Stock

Do-It-Yourself Tip

If you're removing your driveshaft, you'll need an 8mm 12 point Allen star tool for the inner bolts, and the 30mm axle nut socket for the outer bolt. New axle nuts can be ordered as part #19931.

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