300,511 miles: 1997 VW Passat. Karl R.

I got my first Rabbit diesel in 1980 after I knew of 5 ministers that had them, expressly for the mileage. Since then I have owned another Rabbit, a Golf, a Jetta. This ’97 Passat (pictured) has 300,511 miles on it; I also own another Passat with over 200,000 miles on it. They are both diesels. Compared to a gas vehicle I could pay for fuel for 200,000 miles and “coast” another 100,000 miles! We just returned from Goose Bay, Labrador in this 1998 Rialta (pictured). We drove 7,000+ miles and it now has 96,000 miles on it! We made 17.5 miles per gallon of gas.

karl r1