Fred B. Clarkston, MI: 1981 Bio Diesel Pickup

My name is Fred, and along with my wife Sue, we have lived in Clarkston, MI most of our lives. I have been a welder for 35 years. I purchased this 1981 VW Rabbit Pickup from my brother in Florida in May of 2008. I immediately disassembled the Rabbit, removed the sunroof, and installed a new headliner. I then removed all the glass, welded all the rust holes, and repainted it the original color, Red-Orange. The job was complete in three months. The main reason I started this project was to use Bio Diesel as the diesel motor, and the drive train seemed to be in good condition. After doing a lot of research and trial and error, I have put on over 12,000 miles using B100 Bio Diesel. The fuel economy around town is over 35mpg and even more on the freeway--way more! I would like to thank the Parts Place for their knowledge and parts supply. Also, Pete’s Coney II of Clarkston and Orion locations, and Deer Lake Racquet Club of Clarkston for their quality used cooking oil that my son and I make into Bio Diesel!