1994 VW Jetta with Checkerboard highlights. James R.

My car is a '94 Jetta 2 Liter 5 speed. I bought in Aug. of 07. Car had 188,000 miles when I bought it through a friend's father who does auto body in Albany, NY. 10-hour trip later it was mine. Work that has been done to the car: clutch was done at 190,000 miles. Rebuilt head at 195,000 miles with upgraded springs and retainer's transmission replaced at 205,000 miles due to bearing failure. Current mods: it has custom-made exhaust with an OEM VR6 muffler with a cat delete. Custom painted checkerboard scene hood. Cloud headliner. 98 VR6 leather interior. Techtonics tuning 276* cam and matching chip and ported intake plus K&N drop in. Even though I have had my car on jack stands more than on the road, I love it. And I take it to every show I can.