1.6L & 1.7L Gas Standard Piston Ring Set

Fits & Compatibilities

1.6L & 1.7L gas engines from 1978-1984. Standard size only

Year Model Engine
1978Dasher1.6 GAS
1979Dasher1.6 GAS
1979Scirocco1.6 GAS
1980Dasher1.6 GAS
1980Jetta1.7 GAS
1980Rabbit1.6 GAS
1980Rabbit Convertible1.6 GAS
1980Rabbit Pick-up1.6 GAS
1980Scirocco1.6 GAS
1981Jetta1.6 GAS
1981Rabbit1.7 GAS
1981Rabbit Convertible1.7 GAS
1981Rabbit Pick-up1.7 GAS
1981Scirocco1.7 GAS
1982Jetta1.7 GAS
1982Quantum1.7 GAS
1982Rabbit1.7 GAS
1982Rabbit Convertible1.7 GAS
1982Rabbit Pick-up1.7 GAS
1982Scirocco1.7 GAS
1983Jetta1.7 GAS
1983Quantum1.7 GAS
1983Rabbit1.7 GAS
1983Rabbit Convertible1.7 GAS
1983Rabbit Pick-up1.7 GAS
1984Jetta1.7 GAS
1984Rabbit1.7 GAS
1984Rabbit Convertible1.7 GAS
1984Rabbit Pick-up1.7 GAS

1.6L & 1.7L Gas Standard Piston Ring Set

Item #: 1557 VW #: 049-198-151B

Piston Ring Set: 1.6L & 1.7L Gas - Standard

VW piston rings. One complete set of high quality piston rings to do a complete engine. Standard size.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

Most of your rotating parts will be easy to reach while installing the VW gas piston ring set. This is a perfect time to replace all the main bearings, and connecting rod bearings in your engine to prevent damage at a later time.

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