1.6L ECO Diesel Cylinder Head

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Volkswagen Jetta VW 4 cylinder hydraulic turbo diesels, 86.5-92 with hydraulic lifters, including the Jetta ECOdiesel. These have two drain holes, one large and one small, and use 12mm head bolts. These are also called dual drain heads. (This includes Jetta, 86, 1986, 87, 1987, 88, 1988, 89, 1989, 90, 1990, 91, 1991, 92, 1992)

Year Model Engine
1986Jetta1.6 TD
1987Jetta1.6 TD
1991Jetta1.6 TD
1992Jetta1.6 TD

1.6L ECO Diesel Cylinder Head

Item #: 11925

Cylinder Head: 1.6L Turbo Diesel - 12mm, Hydraulic, New

VW 1.6L Turbo Diesel cylinder head. New complete turbo diesel hydraulic cylinder head with cam valves and springs, completely assembled and adjusted and ready for installation.

(These new cylinder heads do not have a core charge, but if you send us your old head and it can be rebuilt we will buy it from you for $50, reducing your total price. There will even be a prepaid shipping label in the box to send it back to us.)


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

Don't forget along with your VW 1.6L turbo diesel cylinder head, your head gasket, head gasket set, and cylinder head bolts.! These MUST all be replaced when you replace your cylinder head.

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