14mm Freeze Plug

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Fits & Compatibilities

Most VW water cooled engines. Most models require 2 per engine. Call and ask if you are unsure.

Year Model Engine
1973Audi Fox1.5 GAS
1974Audi Fox1.5 GAS
1974Dasher1.5 GAS
1975Audi Fox1.5 GAS
1975Dasher1.5 GAS
1975Rabbit1.5 GAS
1975Scirocco1.5 GAS
1976Audi Fox1.5 GAS
1976Dasher1.6 GAS
1976Rabbit1.5 GAS
1976Scirocco1.6 GAS
1977Audi Fox1.6 GAS
1977Dasher1.6 GAS
1977Rabbit1.5 D
1977Rabbit1.5 GAS
1977Scirocco1.6 GAS
1978Audi Fox1.6 GAS
1978Dasher1.6 GAS
1978Rabbit1.5 D
1978Rabbit1.5 GAS
1978Scirocco1.5 GAS
1979Audi Fox1.6 GAS
1979Dasher1.5 D
1979Dasher1.6 GAS
1979Rabbit1.5 D
1979Rabbit1.5 GAS
1979Scirocco1.6 GAS
1980Audi 40001.6 GAS
1980Dasher1.5 D
1980Dasher1.6 GAS
1980Jetta1.7 GAS
1980Rabbit1.5 D
1980Rabbit1.6 GAS
1980Rabbit Convertible1.6 GAS
1980Rabbit Pick-up1.5 D
1980Rabbit Pick-up1.6 GAS
1980Scirocco1.6 GAS
1981Audi 40001.7 GAS
1981Dasher1.6 D
1981Jetta1.6 D
1981Jetta1.6 GAS
1981Rabbit1.6 D
1981Rabbit1.7 GAS
1981Rabbit Convertible1.7 GAS
1981Rabbit Pick-up1.6 D
1981Rabbit Pick-up1.7 GAS
1981Scirocco1.7 GAS
1982Audi 40001.6 D
1982Audi 40001.6 TD
1982Audi 40001.7 GAS
1982Jetta1.6 D
1982Jetta1.7 GAS
1982Quantum1.6 TD
1982Quantum1.7 GAS
1982Rabbit1.6 D
1982Rabbit1.7 GAS
1982Rabbit Convertible1.7 GAS
1982Rabbit Pick-up1.6 D
1982Rabbit Pick-up1.7 GAS
1982Scirocco1.7 GAS
1982Vanagon1.6 D
1983Audi 40001.6 D
1983Audi 40001.6 TD
1983Audi 40001.7 GAS
1983GTI1.8 GAS
1983Jetta1.6 D
1983Jetta1.6 TD
1983Jetta1.7 GAS
1983Quantum1.6 TD
1983Quantum1.7 GAS
1983Quantum2.2 GAS
1983Rabbit1.6 D
1983Rabbit1.6 TD
1983Rabbit1.7 GAS
1983Rabbit Convertible1.7 GAS
1983Rabbit Pick-up1.6 D
1983Rabbit Pick-up1.7 GAS
1983Scirocco1.8 GAS
1983Vanagon1.6 D
1984Audi 40001.8 GAS
1984Audi 50002.2 GAS
1984GTI1.8 GAS
1984Jetta1.6 D
1984Jetta1.6 TD
1984Jetta1.7 GAS
1984Jetta1.8 GAS
1984Quantum1.6 TD
1984Quantum1.8 GAS
1984Quantum2.2 GAS
1984Rabbit1.6 D
1984Rabbit1.7 GAS
1984Rabbit Convertible1.7 GAS
1984Rabbit Convertible1.8 GAS
1984Rabbit Pick-up1.6 D
1984Rabbit Pick-up1.7 GAS
1984Scirocco1.8 GAS
1984Vanagon1.6 D
1985Audi 40001.8 GAS
1985Audi 50002.2 GAS
1985Cabriolet1.8 GAS
1985Golf1.6 D
1985Golf1.8 GAS
1985GTI1.8 GAS
1985Jetta1.6 D
1985Jetta1.6 TD
1985Jetta1.8 GAS
1985Quantum1.6 TD
1985Quantum1.8 GAS
1985Quantum2.2 GAS
1985Scirocco1.8 GAS
1985Vanagon1.6 D
1986Audi 40001.8 GAS
1986Cabriolet1.8 GAS
1986Golf1.6 D
1986Golf1.8 GAS
1986GTI1.8 GAS
1986Jetta1.6 D
1986Jetta1.6 TD
1986Jetta1.8 GAS
1986Quantum1.8 GAS
1986Quantum2.2 GAS
1986Scirocco1.8 16V
1986Scirocco1.8 GAS
1987Audi 40001.8 GAS
1987Cabriolet1.8 GAS
1987Fox1.8 GAS
1987Golf1.6 D
1987Golf1.8 GAS
1987GTI1.8 16V
1987GTI1.8 GAS
1987Jetta1.6 D
1987Jetta1.6 TD
1987Jetta1.8 16V
1987Jetta1.8 GAS
1987Quantum2.2 GAS
1987Scirocco1.8 16V
1987Scirocco1.8 GAS
1988Audi 802.0 GAS
1988Audi 902.0 GAS
1988Audi 902.3 GAS
1988Audi 90 Quattro2.3 GAS
1988Cabriolet1.8 GAS
1988Fox1.8 GAS
1988Golf1.6 D
1988Golf1.8 GAS
1988GTI1.8 16V
1988GTI1.8 GAS
1988Jetta1.6 D
1988Jetta1.8 16V
1988Jetta1.8 GAS
1988Quantum2.2 GAS
1988Scirocco1.8 16V
1989Audi 802.0 GAS
1989Audi 902.3 GAS
1989Audi 90 Quattro2.3 GAS
1989Cabriolet1.8 GAS
1989Corrado1.8 G-60
1989Fox1.8 GAS
1989Golf1.6 D
1989Golf1.8 GAS
1989GTI1.8 16V
1989GTI1.8 GAS
1989Jetta1.6 D
1989Jetta1.8 16V
1989Jetta1.8 GAS
1990Audi 802.0 GAS
1990Audi 902.3 GAS
1990Audi 90 Quattro2.3 GAS
1990Audi Coupe Quattro2.3 GAS
1990Cabriolet1.8 GAS
1990Corrado1.8 G-60
1990Fox1.8 GAS
1990Golf1.6 D
1990Golf1.8 GAS
1990GTI1.8 GAS
1990GTI2.0 16V
1990Jetta1.6 D
1990Jetta1.8 GAS
1990Jetta2.0 16V
1990Passat2.0 16V
1991Audi 902.3 GAS
1991Audi 90 Quattro2.3 GAS
1991Audi Coupe Quattro2.3 GAS
1991Cabriolet1.8 GAS
1991Corrado1.8 G-60
1991Fox1.8 GAS
1991Golf1.8 GAS
1991GTI1.8 GAS
1991GTI2.0 16V
1991Jetta1.6 D
1991Jetta1.6 TD
1991Jetta1.8 GAS
1991Jetta2.0 16V
1991Passat2.0 16V
1992Audi 1002.8 V6
1992Audi 100 Quattro2.8 V6
1992Audi 90 Quattro2.3 GAS
1992Audi S42.2 GAS
1992Cabriolet1.8 GAS
1992Corrado1.8 G-60
1992Corrado2.8 VR6
1992Eurovan2.5 GAS
1992Fox1.8 GAS
1992Golf1.8 GAS
1992GTI1.8 GAS
1992GTI2.0 16V
1992Jetta1.6 D
1992Jetta1.6 TD
1992Jetta1.8 GAS
1992Jetta2.0 16V
1992Passat2.0 16V
1992Passat2.8 VR6
1993Audi 1002.8 V6
1993Audi 100 Quattro2.8 V6
1993Audi 902.8 V6
1993Audi 90 Quattro2.8 V6
1993Audi S42.2 GAS
1993Cabriolet1.8 GAS
1993Corrado2.8 VR6
1993Eurovan2.5 GAS
1993Fox1.8 GAS
1993Golf1.9 D
1993Golf1.9 TD
1993Golf2.0 GAS
1993Jetta1.9 D
1993Jetta1.9 TD
1993Jetta2.0 GAS
1993Jetta2.8 VR6
1993Passat2.0 16V
1993Passat2.8 VR6
1994Audi 1002.8 V6
1994Audi 100 Quattro2.8 V6
1994Audi 902.8 V6
1994Audi 90 Quattro2.8 V6
1994Audi Cabriolet2.8 V6
1994Audi S42.2 GAS
1994Corrado2.8 VR6
1994Eurovan2.5 GAS
1994Golf1.9 D
1994Golf1.9 TD
1994Golf2.0 GAS
1994GTI2.0 GAS
1994Jetta1.9 D
1994Jetta1.9 TD
1994Jetta2.0 GAS
1994Jetta2.8 VR6
1994Passat2.8 VR6
1995Audi 902.8 V6
1995Audi 90 Quattro2.8 V6
1995Audi A62.8 V6
1995Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
1995Audi Cabriolet2.8 V6
1995Audi S62.2 GAS
1995Cabrio2.0 GAS
1995Corrado2.8 VR6
1995Eurovan2.5 GAS
1995Golf1.9 D
1995Golf1.9 TD
1995Golf2.0 GAS
1995GTI2.8 VR6
1995Jetta1.9 D
1995Jetta1.9 TD
1995Jetta2.0 GAS
1995Jetta2.8 VR6
1995Passat2.0 GAS
1995Passat2.8 VR6
1996Audi A41.8T
1996Audi A42.8 V6
1996Audi A4 Quattro1.8T
1996Audi A62.8 V6
1996Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
1996Audi Cabriolet2.8 V6
1996Audi S62.2 GAS
1996Cabrio2.0 GAS
1996Eurovan2.5 GAS
1996Golf1.9 TD
1996Golf1.9 TDI
1996Golf2.0 GAS
1996GTI2.0 GAS
1996GTI2.8 VR6
1996Jetta1.9 TD
1996Jetta1.9 TDI
1996Jetta2.0 GAS
1996Jetta2.8 VR6
1996Passat1.9 TDI
1996Passat2.0 GAS
1996Passat2.8 VR6
1997Audi A41.8T
1997Audi A42.8 V6
1997Audi A4 Quattro1.8T
1997Audi A4 Quattro2.8 V6
1997Audi A62.8 V6
1997Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
1997Audi A83.7 V8
1997Audi Cabriolet2.8 V6
1997Cabrio2.0 GAS
1997Eurovan2.8 VR6
1997Golf1.9 TDI
1997Golf2.0 GAS
1997GTI2.0 GAS
1997GTI2.8 VR6
1997Jetta1.9 TDI
1997Jetta2.0 GAS
1997Jetta2.8 VR6
1997Passat1.9 TDI
1997Passat2.8 VR6
1998Audi A41.8T
1998Audi A42.8 V6
1998Audi A4 Quattro1.8T
1998Audi A4 Quattro2.8 V6
1998Audi A62.8 V6
1998Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
1998Audi A83.7 V8
1998Audi Cabriolet2.8 V6
1998Cabrio2.0 GAS
1998Eurovan2.8 VR6
1998Golf1.9 TDI
1998Golf2.0 GAS
1998GTI2.0 GAS
1998GTI2.8 VR6
1998Jetta1.9 TDI
1998Jetta2.0 GAS
1998Jetta2.8 VR6
1998New Beetle1.9 TDI
1998New Beetle2.0 GAS
1998Passat2.8 V6
1999Audi A41.8T
1999Audi A42.8 V6
1999Audi A4 Quattro1.8T
1999Audi A4 Quattro2.8 V6
1999Audi A62.8 V6
1999Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
1999Audi A83.7 V8
1999Cabrio2.0 GAS
1999Eurovan2.8 VR6
1999Golf1.9 TDI
1999Golf2.0 GAS
1999GTI2.0 GAS
1999GTI2.8 VR6
1999Jetta1.9 TDI
1999Jetta2.0 GAS
1999Jetta2.8 VR6
1999New Beetle1.8T
1999New Beetle1.9 TDI
1999New Beetle2.0 GAS
1999Passat2.8 V6
2000Audi A41.8T
2000Audi A42.8 V6
2000Audi A4 Quattro1.8T
2000Audi A4 Quattro2.8 V6
2000Audi A62.8 V6
2000Audi A6 Quattro2.7T
2000Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
2000Audi A6 Quattro4.2 V8
2000Audi A84.2 V8
2000Audi S42.7T
2000Audi TT1.8T
2000Audi TT Quattro1.8T
2000Cabrio2.0 GAS
2000Eurovan2.8 VR6
2000Golf1.9 TDI
2000Golf2.0 GAS
2000GTI2.0 GAS
2000GTI2.8 VR6
2000Jetta1.9 TDI
2000Jetta2.0 GAS
2000Jetta2.8 VR6
2000New Beetle1.8T
2000New Beetle1.9 TDI
2000New Beetle2.0 GAS
2000Passat2.8 V6
2001Audi A41.8T
2001Audi A42.8 V6
2001Audi A4 Quattro1.8T
2001Audi A4 Quattro2.8 V6
2001Audi A62.8 V6
2001Audi A6 Quattro2.7T
2001Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
2001Audi A6 Quattro4.2 V8
2001Audi A84.2 V8
2001Audi Allroad Quattro2.7T
2001Audi S42.7T
2001Audi TT1.8T
2001Audi TT Quattro1.8T
2001Cabrio2.0 GAS
2001Eurovan2.8 VR6
2001Golf1.9 TDI
2001Golf2.0 GAS
2001GTI2.8 VR6
2001Jetta1.9 TDI
2001Jetta2.0 GAS
2001Jetta2.8 VR6
2001New Beetle1.8T
2001New Beetle1.9 TDI
2001New Beetle2.0 GAS
2001Passat2.8 V6
2002Audi A41.8T
2002Audi A4 Quattro1.8T
2002Audi A63.0 V6
2002Audi A6 Quattro2.7T
2002Audi A6 Quattro3.0 V6
2002Audi A6 Quattro4.2 V8
2002Audi A84.2 V8
2002Audi Allroad Quattro2.7T
2002Audi S42.7T
2002Audi S64.2 V8
2002Audi TT1.8T
2002Audi TT Quattro1.8T
2002Cabrio2.0 GAS
2002Eurovan2.8 VR6
2002Golf1.9 TDI
2002Golf2.0 GAS
2002GTI2.8 VR6
2002Jetta1.9 TDI
2002Jetta2.0 GAS
2002Jetta2.8 VR6
2002New Beetle1.8 TS
2002New Beetle1.8T
2002New Beetle1.9 TDI
2002New Beetle2.0 GAS
2002Passat2.8 V6
2002Passat4.0 W8
2003Audi A41.8T
2003Audi A4 Quattro1.8T
2003Audi A63.0 V6
2003Audi A6 Quattro2.7T
2003Audi A6 Quattro3.0 V6
2003Audi A6 Quattro4.2 V8
2003Audi A84.2 V8
2003Audi Allroad Quattro2.7T
2003Audi Allroad Quattro4.2 V8
2003Audi RS64.2 V8
2003Audi S64.2 V8
2003Audi TT1.8T
2003Audi TT Quattro1.8T
2003Eurovan2.8 VR6
2003Golf1.9 TDI
2003Golf2.0 GAS
2003GTI2.8 VR6
2003Jetta1.9 TDI
2003Jetta2.0 GAS
2003Jetta2.8 VR6
2003New Beetle1.8 TS
2003New Beetle1.8T
2003New Beetle1.9 TDI
2003New Beetle2.0 GAS
2003Passat2.8 V6
2003Passat4.0 W8
2004Audi A41.8T
2004Audi A4 Quattro1.8T
2004Audi A63.0 V6
2004Audi A6 Quattro2.7T
2004Audi A6 Quattro3.0 V6
2004Audi A6 Quattro4.2 V8
2004Audi A84.2 V8
2004Audi Allroad Quattro2.7T
2004Audi Allroad Quattro4.2 V8
2004Audi RS64.2 V8
2004Audi S44.2 V8
2004Audi TT1.8T
2004Audi TT Quattro1.8T
2004Audi TT Quattro3.2 VR6
2004Golf1.9 TDI
2004Golf2.0 GAS
2004GTI2.8 VR6
2004Jetta1.9 TDI
2004Jetta2.0 GAS
2004Jetta2.8 VR6
2004New Beetle1.8 TS
2004New Beetle1.8T
2004New Beetle1.9 TDI
2004New Beetle2.0 GAS
2004Passat2.0 TDI
2004Passat2.8 V6
2004Passat4.0 W8
2004Phaeton4.2 V8
2004Phaeton6.0 W12
2004R 323.2 VR6
2004Touareg3.2 VR6
2004Touareg4.2 V8
2004Touareg5.0 TDI
2005Audi A41.8T
2005Audi A42.0T
2005Audi A4 Quattro1.8T
2005Audi A4 Quattro2.0T
2005Audi A84.2 V8
2005Audi A86.0 W12
2005Audi Allroad Quattro2.7T
2005Audi Allroad Quattro4.2 V8
2005Audi S44.2 V8
2005Audi TT1.8T
2005Audi TT Quattro1.8T
2005Audi TT Quattro3.2 VR6
2005Golf1.9 TDI
2005Golf2.0 GAS
2005GTI2.8 VR6
2005Jetta1.9 TDI
2005Jetta2.0 GAS
2005Jetta2.5 GAS
2005Jetta2.8 VR6
2005New Beetle1.8 TS
2005New Beetle1.8T
2005New Beetle1.9 TDI
2005New Beetle2.0 GAS
2005Passat2.0 TDI
2005Passat2.8 V6
2005Phaeton4.2 V8
2005Phaeton6.0 W12
2005Touareg3.2 VR6
2005Touareg4.2 V8
2006Audi A32.0T
2006Audi A3 Quattro2.0T
2006Audi A42.0T
2006Audi A4 Quattro2.0T
2006Audi A84.2 V8
2006Audi A86.0 W12
2006Audi S44.2 V8
2006Audi TT1.8T
2006Audi TT Quattro1.8T
2006Audi TT Quattro3.2 VR6
2006Golf1.9 TDI
2006Golf2.0 GAS
2006Jetta1.9 TDI
2006Jetta2.5 GAS
2006New Beetle1.9 TDI
2006New Beetle2.5 GAS
2006Passat3.6 VR6
2006Phaeton4.2 V8
2006Phaeton6.0 W12
2006Rabbit2.5 GAS
2006Touareg3.2 VR6
2006Touareg3.6 VR6
2006Touareg4.2 V8
2006Touareg5.0 TDI
2007Audi A32.0T
2007Audi A3 Quattro2.0T
2007Audi A42.0T
2007Audi A4 Quattro2.0T
2007Audi A84.2 V8
2007Audi A86.0 W12
2007Audi RS44.2 V8
2007Audi S44.2 V8
2007Audi TT2.0T
2007Eos3.2 VR6
2007Jetta2.5 GAS
2007New Beetle2.5 GAS
2007Passat3.6 VR6
2007Rabbit2.5 GAS
2007Touareg3.6 VR6
2007Touareg4.2 V8
2007Touareg5.0 TDI
2008Audi A32.0T
2008Audi A3 Quattro2.0T
2008Audi A42.0T
2008Audi A4 Quattro2.0T
2008Audi RS44.2 V8
2008Audi S44.2 V8
2008Audi TT2.0T
2008Audi TT Quattro3.2 VR6
2008Eos3.2 VR6
2008Jetta2.5 GAS
2008New Beetle2.5 GAS
2008Passat3.6 VR6
2008R 323.2 VR6
2008Rabbit2.5 GAS
2008Touareg3.6 VR6
2008Touareg4.2 V8
2009Audi A32.0T
2009Audi A3 Quattro2.0T
2009Audi A42.0T
2009Audi A4 Quattro2.0T
2009Audi A5 Quattro2.0T
2009Audi Q73.0 TDI
2009Audi S44.2 V8
2009Audi TT2.0T
2009Audi TT Quattro2.0T
2009Audi TT Quattro3.2 VR6
2009CC3.6 VR6
2009Eos3.2 VR6
2009Jetta2.0 TDI
2009Jetta2.5 GAS
2009New Beetle2.5 GAS
2009Passat3.6 VR6
2009Rabbit2.5 GAS
2009Routan3.8 GAS
2009Routan4.0 GAS
2009Touareg3.0 TDI
2009Touareg3.6 VR6
2009Touareg4.2 V8
2010Audi A32.0 TDI
2010Audi A32.0T
2010Audi A3 Quattro2.0T
2010Audi A42.0T
2010Audi A4 Quattro2.0T
2010Audi A52.0T
2010Audi A5 Quattro2.0T
2010Audi Q73.0 TDI
2010Audi S43.0 T
2010Audi TT2.0T
2010Audi TT Quattro2.0T
2010CC3.6 VR6
2010Golf2.0 TDI
2010Golf2.5 GAS
2010Jetta2.0 TDI
2010Jetta2.5 GAS
2010New Beetle2.5 GAS
2010Passat3.6 VR6
2010Routan3.8 GAS
2010Routan4.0 GAS
2010Touareg3.0 TDI
2010Touareg3.6 VR6
2010Touareg4.2 V8
2011Audi A32.0 TDI
2011Audi A32.0T
2011Audi A3 Quattro2.0T
2011Audi A42.0T
2011Audi A4 Quattro2.0T
2011Audi A52.0T
2011Audi A5 Quattro2.0T
2011Audi Q52.0T
2011Audi Q73.0 TDI
2011Audi R84.2 V8
2011Audi R85.2 V10
2011Audi TT2.0T
2011Audi TT Quattro2.0T
2011Audi TT Quattro2.5 GAS
2011CC3.6 VR6
2011Golf2.0 TDI
2011Golf2.5 GAS
2011Jetta2.0 GAS
2011Jetta2.0 TDI
2011Jetta2.5 GAS
2011New Beetle2.5 GAS
2011Passat3.6 VR6
2011Routan3.8 GAS
2011Routan4.0 GAS
2011Touareg3.0 TDI
2011Touareg3.6 VR6
2011Touareg4.2 V8
2012Audi A32.0 TDI
2012Audi A32.0T
2012Audi A3 Quattro2.0T
2012Audi A42.0T
2012Audi A4 Quattro2.0T
2012Audi A52.0T
2012Audi A5 Quattro2.0T
2012Audi A62.0T
2012Audi A6 Quattro2.0T
2012Audi Q52.0T
2012Audi Q73.0 TDI
2012Audi R84.2 V8
2012Audi R85.2 V10
2012Audi TT2.0T
2012Audi TT Quattro2.0T
2012Beetle2.5 GAS
2012CC3.6 VR6
2012Golf2.0 GAS
2012Golf2.0 TDI
2012Golf2.5 GAS
2012Golf R2.0T
2012Jetta2.0 GAS
2012Jetta2.0 TDI
2012Jetta2.5 GAS
2012Passat2.0 TDI
2012Passat2.5 GAS
2012Passat3.6 VR6
2012Touareg3.0 TDI
2012Touareg3.6 VR6
2013Audi A32.0 TDI
2013Audi A32.0T
2013Audi A3 Quattro2.0T
2013Audi A42.0T
2013Audi A4 Quattro2.0T
2013Audi A52.0T
2013Audi A5 Quattro2.0T
2013Audi A62.0T
2013Audi A63.0 T
2013Audi A6 Quattro2.0T
2013Audi Allroad2.0T
2013Audi Q52.0T
2013Audi R84.2 V8
2013Audi R85.2 V10
2013Audi RS54.2 V8
2013Audi TT Quattro2.0T
2013Beetle2.0 TDI
2013Beetle2.5 GAS
2013CC3.6 VR6
2013Golf2.0 GAS
2013Golf2.0 TDI
2013Golf2.5 GAS
2013Golf R2.0T
2013Jetta1.4 Hybr
2013Jetta2.0 GAS
2013Jetta2.0 TDI
2013Jetta2.5 GAS
2013Passat2.0 TDI
2013Passat2.5 GAS
2013Passat3.6 VR6
2013Touareg3.2 VR6
2014Audi A3 Quattro2.0T
2014Audi A42.0T
2014Audi A4 Quattro2.0T
2014Audi A52.0T
2014Audi A5 Quattro2.0T
2014Audi A62.0T
2014Audi A6 Quattro2.0T
2014Audi A6 Quattro3.0 T
2014Audi Allroad2.0T
2014Audi Q52.0T
2014Audi R84.2 V8
2014Audi R85.2 V10
2014Audi RS54.2 V8
2014Audi TT Quattro2.0T
2014Beetle2.0 TDI
2014Beetle2.5 GAS
2014CC3.6 VR6
2014Golf2.0 TDI
2014Golf2.5 GAS
2014Golf R2.0T
2014Jetta1.4 Hybr
2014Jetta2.0 GAS
2014Jetta2.0 TDI
2014Jetta2.5 GAS
2014Passat2.0 TDI
2014Passat2.5 GAS
2014Passat3.6 VR6
2014Touareg3.6 VR6
2015Audi S32.0T
2015Golf R2.0T
2015Jetta2.0 TDI
2015Jetta2.5 GAS

14mm Freeze Plug

Item #: 23696

Freeze Plug: Most Water Cooled Engines 75-16 - 14mm

VW freeze plug. If you notice coolant leaks coming from your engine block, your freeze plugs may have corroded through. Use these replacements to seal your engine back up and prevent the coolant from freezing and expanding, causing damage to the engine block. Also install new freeze plugs when you rebuild an engine to prevent a catastrophic failure in the future. Sold each.


Availability: In stock

Do-it-Yourself Tip

Replacing your freeze plugs will require new coolant to top off your cooling system. We carry German Pentosin antifreeze which exceeds all VW's requirements.



Freeze Plug: Most Water Cooled Engines 75-16 - 14mm
Additional Information

Additional Information

Fits Most VW water cooled engines. Most models require 2 per engine. Call and ask if you are unsure.
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