2.0L 1.8T and V6 G28 Crank Position Sensor

Fits & Compatibilities

Jetta & Golf 1.8T/2.0L(AEG) 1999.5-2001, New Beetle 1.8T/2.0L(AEG) 1998-2001,Passat V6 (Auto Only) 1998-2005

Year Model Engine
1998New Beetle2.0 GAS
1998Passat2.8 V6
1999Golf2.0 GAS
1999GTI2.0 GAS
1999Jetta2.0 GAS
1999New Beetle1.8T
1999New Beetle2.0 GAS
1999Passat2.8 V6
2000Golf2.0 GAS
2000GTI2.0 GAS
2000Jetta2.0 GAS
2000New Beetle1.8T
2000New Beetle2.0 GAS
2000Passat2.8 V6
2001Golf2.0 GAS
2001Jetta2.0 GAS
2001New Beetle1.8T
2001New Beetle2.0 GAS
2001Passat2.8 V6
2002Passat2.8 V6
2003Passat2.8 V6
2004Passat2.8 V6
2005Passat2.8 V6

2.0L 1.8T and V6 G28 Crank Position Sensor

Item #: 21063 VW #: 06A-906-433C

Crank Position Sensor: Jetta, Golf, New Beetle 2.0L/1.8T 99.5-01, Passat V6 98-05

VW crank position sensor. The crank position (also called G28 sensor) sensors' main function is to relay your engine RPM to the computer to monitor the ignition and adjust the timing as needed. You may need to replace a crank position sensor if your Volkswagen has a rough idle, or wont start.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

To be certain you VW crank position sensor is faulty, make sure you have a way to pull the DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) from your engine computer. The Bentley manual will help you diagnose what those codes mean, and give you and idea of what needs to be done to fix them.

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