2.0L 16V Spark Plug

Fits & Compatibilities

GTI, GLI 2.0L 16V 1987-1989, Passat 2.0L 16V 1990-1993

Year Model Engine
1990GTI2.0 16V
1990Jetta2.0 16V
1990Passat2.0 16V
1991GTI2.0 16V
1991Jetta2.0 16V
1991Passat2.0 16V
1992GTI2.0 16V
1992Jetta2.0 16V
1992Passat2.0 16V
1993Passat2.0 16V

2.0L 16V Spark Plug

Item #: 11464 VW #: 101000033AB , F6DSR

Spark Plug: 2.0L 16V; GTI, GLI, Passat 90-93

VW spark plug. Over time spark plugs become dirty and burn out, thus preventing them from operating as designed. This robs you of the great performance your VW came from the factory with. Replace them with these premium high performance spark plugs, with a precision tip tuned for extra power and fuel economy. Sold each.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

Instead of only replacing the VW spark plugs purchase a master tune up kit. These include distributor cap, rotor, new plug wires, and spark plugs. You can also save some money by purchasing a filter kit to have all the filters on hand that you will need when it comes time to change them.

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