2.0L ABA Piston Set

Fits & Compatibilities

2.0 L 8V ABA engine found in the Jetta 1993-1999.5, Golf 1993-1999.5, and Passat 1994-1997

Year Model Engine
1993Golf2.0 GAS
1993Jetta2.0 GAS
1994Golf2.0 GAS
1994GTI2.0 GAS
1994Jetta2.0 GAS
1995Cabrio2.0 GAS
1995Golf2.0 GAS
1995Jetta2.0 GAS
1995Passat2.0 GAS
1996Cabrio2.0 GAS
1996Golf2.0 GAS
1996GTI2.0 GAS
1996Jetta2.0 GAS
1996Passat2.0 GAS
1997Cabrio2.0 GAS
1997Golf2.0 GAS
1997GTI2.0 GAS
1997Jetta2.0 GAS
1998Cabrio2.0 GAS
1998Golf2.0 GAS
1998GTI2.0 GAS
1998Jetta2.0 GAS
1999Golf2.0 GAS
1999GTI2.0 GAS
1999Jetta2.0 GAS
2000Cabrio2.0 GAS
2001Cabrio2.0 GAS
2002Cabrio2.0 GAS

2.0L ABA Piston Set

Item #: 21850

Piston: 2.0L Gas 93-99.5 - Standard Size

VW 2.0L ABA piston. These standard bore pistons are what you need to rebuild your 2.0L ABA engine found in the Jetta, Golf, and Passat. Sold each.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

Replacing the VW 2.0L ABA piston requires taking the engine apart in your Golf, Jetta, or Passat. There are some additional parts you will want to have handy. The head gasket, shown below, will need to be replaced if the cylinder head comes off the engine block. Also it is best to use new cylinder head bolts whenever you reinstall the head.

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