AC Compressor for Rabbits and Others

Fits & Compatibilities

Rabbit, Jetta, Dasher 1981-1984, Scirocco 8V 1975-1988.

Year Model Engine
1975Scirocco1.5 GAS
1976Scirocco1.6 GAS
1977Scirocco1.6 GAS
1978Scirocco1.5 GAS
1979Scirocco1.6 GAS
1980Scirocco1.6 GAS
1981Dasher1.6 D
1981Jetta1.6 D
1981Jetta1.6 GAS
1981Rabbit1.6 D
1981Rabbit1.7 GAS
1981Rabbit Convertible1.7 GAS
1981Rabbit Pick-up1.6 D
1981Rabbit Pick-up1.7 GAS
1981Scirocco1.7 GAS
1982Jetta1.6 D
1982Jetta1.7 GAS
1982Rabbit1.6 D
1982Rabbit1.7 GAS
1982Rabbit Convertible1.7 GAS
1982Rabbit Pick-up1.6 D
1982Rabbit Pick-up1.7 GAS
1982Scirocco1.7 GAS
1983Jetta1.6 D
1983Jetta1.6 TD
1983Jetta1.7 GAS
1983Rabbit1.6 D
1983Rabbit1.6 TD
1983Rabbit1.7 GAS
1983Rabbit Convertible1.7 GAS
1983Rabbit Pick-up1.6 D
1983Rabbit Pick-up1.7 GAS
1983Scirocco1.8 GAS
1984Jetta1.6 D
1984Jetta1.6 TD
1984Jetta1.7 GAS
1984Jetta1.8 GAS
1984Rabbit1.6 D
1984Rabbit1.7 GAS
1984Rabbit Convertible1.7 GAS
1984Rabbit Convertible1.8 GAS
1984Rabbit Pick-up1.6 D
1984Rabbit Pick-up1.7 GAS
1984Scirocco1.8 GAS
1985Scirocco1.8 GAS
1986Scirocco1.8 GAS
1987Scirocco1.8 GAS

AC Compressor for Rabbits and Others

Item #: 36084

A/C Compressor: Jetta 81-84 & Others - Reman

VW A/C compressor. This round style, 1 wire, rebuilt A/C compressor replaces your compressor that has left you to sweat in the heat. $50 core charge applies.

Do-it-Yourself Tip

Along with the VW A/C compressor, we also have the other parts to complete your A/C system service. Have a shop find the leak first, and then you can buy the parts from us and save some money by replacing them yourself. Then you can have the shop recharge the system. Now your VW is ready for comfort cruising in the summer heat.



Additional Information

Additional Information

Fits Rabbit, Jetta, Dasher 1981-1984, Scirocco 8V 1975-1988.
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