AHU TDI Timing Belt Tensioner

Fits & Compatibilities

Volkswagen 4 cylinder diesels 1.9 and early TDI Golf, Jetta 93-99.5, Passat 93-97. Fits 1Y AAZ and AHU engines. Does not fit ALH. (Fits Golf, Jetta, Passat 1993, 94, 1994, 95, 1995, 96, 1996, 97, 1997, 98, 1998, 99, 1999 as described above)

Year Model Engine
1993Golf1.9 TD
1993Jetta1.9 TD
1994Golf1.9 TD
1994Jetta1.9 TD
1995Golf1.9 TD
1995Jetta1.9 TD
1996Golf1.9 TD
1996Golf1.9 TDI
1996Jetta1.9 TD
1996Jetta1.9 TDI
1996Passat1.9 TDI
1997Golf1.9 TDI
1997Jetta1.9 TDI
1997Passat1.9 TDI
1998Golf1.9 TDI
1998Jetta1.9 TDI
1998New Beetle1.9 TDI
1999Golf1.9 TDI
1999Jetta1.9 TDI

AHU TDI Timing Belt Tensioner

Item #: 16300

Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley: 1.9L Turbo Diesel & Early TDI(AHU)

The tensioner pulley is as critical as the timing belt itself. At minimum it must be carefully examined and/or replaced every 3 years or 90K miles. A quality tensioner is as important as a quality belt.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

When replacing your tensioner, it would be foolish to not replace your belt at the same time. In addition, our tensioner tool allows for precision adjustment to ensure the belt is correctly tensioned.

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