B5 Passat 1.8T Passenger Side Driveshaft - Auto Trans

Fits & Compatibilities

Passat V6 1998-2005, Passat 1.8T 2001-2005, Passat W8 2002-2004, Passat TDI 04-05; with automatic transmissions.

Year Model Engine
1998Passat2.8 V6
1999Passat2.8 V6
2000Passat2.8 V6
2001Passat2.8 V6
2002Passat2.8 V6
2002Passat4.0 W8
2003Passat2.8 V6
2003Passat4.0 W8
2004Passat2.0 TDI
2004Passat2.8 V6
2004Passat4.0 W8
2005Passat2.0 TDI
2005Passat2.8 V6

B5 Passat 1.8T Passenger Side Driveshaft - Auto Trans

Item #: 20161

Driveshaft: Passat 98-05 - Auto Trans, Passenger Side

VW Passat driveshaft. If you begin to notice loud clicking sounds when you steer your car the CV joints are starting to go. The best way to fix that issue is to replace the entire driveshaft. These direct fit, original equipment quality driveshafts will get your Passat running again. Uses a tripodic style inner CV joint.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

To remove the VW Passat driveshaft you will need the 30mm socket shown below to remove the axle nut from the hub to free the driveshaft. The B5 Passats all use tripodic style inner CV joints which are bolted to the transmission using hex head bolts. Once you remove those and the axle nut the driveshaft should swing out pretty easy. The passenger side axle is also shown below.

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