B5 Passat Receiver Drier

Fits & Compatibilities

Passat 1998-2001, Audi 90 1993-1995, Audi A4 1996-2001, Audi A6 1998-2004, Audi Cabriolet 1994-1998

Year Model Engine
1993Audi 902.8 V6
1993Audi 90 Quattro2.8 V6
1994Audi 902.8 V6
1994Audi 90 Quattro2.8 V6
1994Audi Cabriolet2.8 V6
1995Audi 902.8 V6
1995Audi 90 Quattro2.8 V6
1995Audi Cabriolet2.8 V6
1996Audi A41.8T
1996Audi A42.8 V6
1996Audi A4 Quattro1.8T
1996Audi Cabriolet2.8 V6
1997Audi A41.8T
1997Audi A42.8 V6
1997Audi A4 Quattro1.8T
1997Audi A4 Quattro2.8 V6
1997Audi Cabriolet2.8 V6
1998Audi A41.8T
1998Audi A42.8 V6
1998Audi A4 Quattro1.8T
1998Audi A4 Quattro2.8 V6
1998Audi A62.8 V6
1998Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
1998Audi Cabriolet2.8 V6
1998Passat2.8 V6
1999Audi A41.8T
1999Audi A42.8 V6
1999Audi A4 Quattro1.8T
1999Audi A4 Quattro2.8 V6
1999Audi A62.8 V6
1999Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
1999Passat2.8 V6
2000Audi A62.8 V6
2000Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
2000Passat2.8 V6
2001Audi A62.8 V6
2001Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
2001Passat2.8 V6
2002Audi A63.0 V6
2002Audi A6 Quattro3.0 V6
2003Audi A63.0 V6
2003Audi A6 Quattro3.0 V6
2004Audi A63.0 V6
2004Audi A6 Quattro3.0 V6

B5 Passat Receiver Drier

Item #: 19509 VW #: 4D0820192

A/C Receiver Drier: Passat 98-01, Audi 90, Audi A4 & Others 93-04

VW Passat A/C receiver drier. The receiver drier on your Passat holds extra refrigerant in your AC system, and keeps the moisture out of the refrigerant. Whenever you’re A/C system is exposed to the air the A/C receiver drier needs to be replaced, this includes leaks.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

The receiver drier should be replaced whenever you are changing out other A/C components on your Passat. The expansion valve and compressor for the Passat is shown below.

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