Beetle Bentley Repair Manual

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Beetle, Super Beetle, & Karmann Ghia 1970-79 (Type 1) (70, 1970, 71, 1971, 72, 1972, 73, 1973, 74, 1974, 75, 1975, 76, 1976, 77, 1977, 78, 1978, 79, 1979)

Year Model Engine
1970Standard Beetle1500
1971Standard Beetle1600
1971Super Beetle1600
1972Standard Beetle1600
1972Super Beetle1600
1973Standard Beetle1600
1973Super Beetle1600
1974Standard Beetle1600
1974Super Beetle1600
1975Standard Beetle1600
1975Super Beetle1600 FI
1976Standard Beetle1600
1976Super Beetle1600 FI
1977Standard Beetle1600
1977Super Beetle1600 FI
1978Super Beetle1600 FI
1979Super Beetle1600 FI

Beetle Bentley Repair Manual

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Bentley Manual: Beetle (Type I), Super Beetle & Karmann Ghia 70-79 - Hardbound

Robert Bentley manuals are the official Volkswagen service manuals. These are the best darn manuals you will ever find, short of talking to the engineers who designed your car. The Bentley manual is written in a readable, understandable way, and is full of illustrations, diagrams, wiring schematics, electrical test values, etc. The first time you use this manual you will save enough money to pay for the cost of manual! We hype these because we believe this manual is one of the most important things you need to competently trouble-shoot and repair your VW by yourself. Knowing what you are doing is way better than guessing!


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

While working on your VW, keep your engine compartment free of messy oil leaks by installing a pair of new valve cover gaskets. Also, keep all of your records organized in a genuine OEM VW Portfolio.

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