Beetle Brake Hose Kit

Fits & Compatibilities

Beetle (Type I) 1967-1979

Year Model Engine
1967Standard Beetle1500
1968Standard Beetle1500
1969Standard Beetle1500
1970Standard Beetle1500
1971Standard Beetle1600
1972Standard Beetle1600
1973Standard Beetle1600
1974Standard Beetle1600
1975Standard Beetle1600
1976Standard Beetle1600
1977Standard Beetle1600

Beetle Brake Hose Kit

Item #: 16926

Brake Hose Kit: Beetle Std (Type I) 67-79

VW Beetle brake hose kit. This brake hose kit includes the 4 rubber hoses, not the steel hard lines, for the VW Beetle. Once the rubber starts to go it’s not long before your brakes are leaking, so replace them all at one time.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

After you install the VW Beetle brake hose kit you may want to pull off a complete brake overhaul. Along with the hose kit you will want to get some new brake shoes, drums, and wheel cylinders.

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