Beetle Rear Brake Spring Kit

Fits & Compatibilities

Rear Brakes of Beetle (Type I) 1964-1979.

Year Model Engine
1964Standard Beetle1200
1965Standard Beetle1200
1966Standard Beetle1300
1967Standard Beetle1500
1968Standard Beetle1500
1969Standard Beetle1500
1970Standard Beetle1500
1971Standard Beetle1600
1971Super Beetle1600
1972Standard Beetle1600
1972Super Beetle1600
1973Standard Beetle1600
1973Super Beetle1600
1974Standard Beetle1600
1974Super Beetle1600
1975Standard Beetle1600
1975Super Beetle1600 FI
1976Standard Beetle1600
1976Super Beetle1600 FI
1977Standard Beetle1600
1977Super Beetle1600 FI
1978Super Beetle1600 FI
1979Super Beetle1600 FI

Beetle Rear Brake Spring Kit

Item #: 2365

Brake Spring Kit: Beetle (Type I) 64-79, Rear

VW Beetle brake spring kit. Brake shoes should be installed with new springs and hardware. Failure of rusty weak hardware often results in failure of the brakes themselves. This kit has the parts you need to make sure your Beetle is going to stop every time. This kit does not include adjusters.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

The brake spring kit is made for the installing rear brake shoes like the ones shown below. When you are installing the brake shoes make sure you inspect the inside of your rear drums for discoloration and scratches. If your Beetle brake drum is in rough shape, replace it now or you will be ordering new brake components all over again.



Brake Spring Kit: Beetle (Type I) 64-79, Rear
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Additional Information

Fits Rear Brakes of Beetle (Type I) 1964-1979.
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