Beetle Rear Wheel Cylinder

Fits & Compatibilities

Volkswagen Beetle and Super Beetle 67-79

Year Model Engine
1967Standard Beetle1500
1968Standard Beetle1500
1969Standard Beetle1500
1970Standard Beetle1500
1971Standard Beetle1600
1971Super Beetle1600
1972Standard Beetle1600
1972Super Beetle1600
1973Standard Beetle1600
1973Super Beetle1600
1974Standard Beetle1600
1974Super Beetle1600
1975Standard Beetle1600
1975Super Beetle1600 FI
1976Standard Beetle1600
1976Super Beetle1600 FI
1977Standard Beetle1600
1977Super Beetle1600 FI
1978Super Beetle1600 FI
1979Super Beetle1600 FI

Beetle Rear Wheel Cylinder

Item #: 2283

Wheel Cylinder: Beetle (Type I) 67-79 - Rear

Rear wheel cylinders for drum brakes. Fits both driver and passenger side. Rear wheel cylinder are the simple hydraulic devices used to push the brake shoes against the inside of the drum. They are easy to replace and should be carefully inspected for signs of leakage or corrosion any time you are working on your brakes. If see an issue, replace them.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

Now is a good time to replace your brake fluid as brake fluid over time becomes contaminated with moisture and particles which can adversely effect braking performance.



Wheel Cylinder: Beetle (Type I) 67-79 - Rear
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Additional Information

Fits Volkswagen Beetle and Super Beetle 67-79
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