BRM TDI Camshaft

Fits & Compatibilities

Jetta TDI 2005-2006. BRM engine code only.

Year Model Engine
2005Jetta1.9 TDI
2006Jetta1.9 TDI

BRM TDI Camshaft

Item #: 23253 VW #: 038109101AH

Camshaft: Jetta TDI 05.5-06 - BRM Engine Code Only

VW TDI camshaft. This camshaft will replace ones that have been damaged by using the wrong specification of synthetic oil, worn out from very high mileage, or been damaged because of a broken timing belt. Rebuild your cylinder head with this high quality camshaft.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

When installing your new VW TDI camshaft, install new gaskets for the other internal components of your cylinder head. If your camshaft has been damaged, you will want to carefully inspect the rest of your cylinder head as well. TDI engines are interference engines and can bend valves in a timing belt failure, or develop small cracks; it may be safer overall to replace the entire cylinder head.

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