Bus Speedometer Cable

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Bus 68-74 & Dunebuggies

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Bus Speedometer Cable

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Speedometer Cable: Bus 68-74 & Dunebuggies

VW Speedometer Cable - Bus. This one piece cable is just what you need if your Speedo cable has gotten noisy or broken. It's a simple easy install that takes 10 minutes.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

If you have already replaced your VW speedometer cable, and your speedometer is still not working, take a look at your drive gear. Often times, the nylon speedometer drive gear that is located in the transmission has worn or cracked. If yours has, your Speedometer will never work unless you replace it. While you are under the hood replacing your cable, inspect you clutch cable. If it looks tattered and worn, replace it. A clutch cable failure can lead to a premature transmission failure.

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