Fox Flywheel

Fits & Compatibilities

Fox 1987-1993, Quantum 1982-1988, Dasher 1974-1981. All with 4 cylinder engines.

Year Model Engine
1974Dasher1.5 GAS
1975Dasher1.5 GAS
1976Dasher1.6 GAS
1977Dasher1.6 GAS
1978Dasher1.6 GAS
1979Dasher1.5 D
1979Dasher1.6 GAS
1980Dasher1.5 D
1980Dasher1.6 GAS
1981Dasher1.6 D
1982Quantum1.6 TD
1982Quantum1.7 GAS
1983Quantum1.6 TD
1983Quantum1.7 GAS
1984Quantum1.6 TD
1984Quantum1.8 GAS
1985Quantum1.6 TD
1985Quantum1.8 GAS
1986Quantum1.8 GAS
1987Fox1.8 GAS
1988Fox1.8 GAS
1989Fox1.8 GAS
1990Fox1.8 GAS
1991Fox1.8 GAS
1992Fox1.8 GAS
1993Fox1.8 GAS

Fox Flywheel

Item #: 13234 VW #: 056105269H , 056105269H

Flywheel: Fox, Quantum, Dasher 74-93 - Used

USED VW flywheel. Flywheels can take a lot of damage from badly worn clutches scarring and burning the surface. If you install a new clutch on a damaged flywheel you WILL be replacing that clutch disc much sooner than you think. Before you make this mistake, save yourself some money and pick up this original equipment used flywheel for your Fox, Quantum, or Dasher.

Do-it-Yourself Tip

While installing your VW flywheel a new clutch should be installed. We have genuine Sachs clutch kits with all the parts you need to do the job properly. The shifter bushing kits for the VW Fox are also available.



Flywheel: Fox, Quantum, Dasher 74-93
Additional Information

Additional Information

Fits Fox 1987-1993, Quantum 1982-1988, Dasher 1974-1981. All with 4 cylinder engines.
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