Golf & New Beetle Left Rear Brake Caliper

Fits & Compatibilities

Golf 1999-2006, New Beetle 2000-2010

Year Model Engine
1998New Beetle1.9 TDI
1998New Beetle2.0 GAS
1999New Beetle1.8T
1999New Beetle1.9 TDI
1999New Beetle2.0 GAS
2000Golf1.9 TDI
2000Golf2.0 GAS
2000GTI2.0 GAS
2000GTI2.8 VR6
2000New Beetle1.8T
2000New Beetle1.9 TDI
2000New Beetle2.0 GAS
2001Golf1.9 TDI
2001Golf2.0 GAS
2001GTI2.8 VR6
2001New Beetle1.8T
2001New Beetle1.9 TDI
2001New Beetle2.0 GAS
2002Golf1.9 TDI
2002Golf2.0 GAS
2002GTI2.8 VR6
2002New Beetle1.8 TS
2002New Beetle1.8T
2002New Beetle1.9 TDI
2002New Beetle2.0 GAS
2003Golf1.9 TDI
2003Golf2.0 GAS
2003GTI2.8 VR6
2003New Beetle1.8 TS
2003New Beetle1.8T
2003New Beetle1.9 TDI
2003New Beetle2.0 GAS
2004Golf1.9 TDI
2004Golf2.0 GAS
2004GTI2.8 VR6
2004New Beetle1.8 TS
2004New Beetle1.8T
2004New Beetle1.9 TDI
2004New Beetle2.0 GAS
2005Golf1.9 TDI
2005Golf2.0 GAS
2005GTI2.8 VR6
2005New Beetle1.8 TS
2005New Beetle1.8T
2005New Beetle1.9 TDI
2005New Beetle2.0 GAS
2006Golf1.9 TDI
2006Golf2.0 GAS
2006New Beetle1.9 TDI
2006New Beetle2.5 GAS
2007New Beetle2.5 GAS
2008New Beetle2.5 GAS
2009New Beetle2.5 GAS
2010New Beetle2.5 GAS
2011New Beetle2.5 GAS

Golf & New Beetle Left Rear Brake Caliper

Item #: 19045

Brake Caliper: Golf 00-06, New Beetle 00-10 - New, Driver Side, Rear

VW brake caliper. If your rear brake calipers are starting to hang or leak, it’s time to replace those calipers. This new, original equipment, direct fit caliper for the rear driver side of your vehicle. Each side sold separately, but performs best when replaced in pairs.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

When you replace your VW rear brake caliper make sure to install new brake discs and pads on your Golf or New Beetle. This complete overhaul on your brakes will make sure your Volkswagen stops on a dime. The brake disc and brake pads you need are shown below.



Brake Caliper: Golf 00-06, New Beetle 00-10 - New, Driver Side, Rear
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Additional Information

Fits Golf 1999-2006, New Beetle 2000-2010
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