MK2 020 5 Speed Manual Transmission

Fits & Compatibilities

Jetta, Golf, Gas and Diesel, 85-92, with 90mm flanges

Year Model Engine
1985Golf1.6 D
1985Golf1.8 GAS
1985GTI1.8 GAS
1985Jetta1.6 D
1985Jetta1.6 TD
1985Jetta1.8 GAS
1986Golf1.6 D
1986Golf1.8 GAS
1986GTI1.8 GAS
1986Jetta1.6 D
1986Jetta1.6 TD
1986Jetta1.8 GAS
1987Golf1.6 D
1987Golf1.8 GAS
1987GTI1.8 GAS
1987Jetta1.6 D
1987Jetta1.6 TD
1988Golf1.6 D
1988Golf1.8 GAS
1988GTI1.8 GAS
1988Jetta1.6 D
1988Jetta1.8 GAS
1989Golf1.6 D
1989Golf1.8 GAS
1989GTI1.8 GAS
1989Jetta1.6 D
1989Jetta1.8 GAS
1990Golf1.6 D
1990Golf1.8 GAS
1990GTI1.8 GAS
1990Jetta1.6 D
1990Jetta1.8 GAS
1991GTI1.8 GAS
1991Jetta1.6 D
1991Jetta1.6 TD
1991Jetta1.8 GAS
1992Golf1.8 GAS
1992GTI1.8 GAS
1992Jetta1.6 D
1992Jetta1.6 TD
1992Jetta1.8 GAS

MK2 020 5 Speed Manual Transmission

Item #: 40524

Transmission: Reman, Manual, 5 Spd w/ 90mm output flanges, Golf Jetta 85-92

VW Jetta or Golf manual transmission. This is a painstakingly remanufactured 5 Speed Manual Transmission. If your transmission has become noisy, hard to shift, or has given-up completely this is a permanent solution to your problem.

Refundable core charge: $250 applies. (Click here for more info)

Do-it-Yourself Tip

Your new Golf or Jetta manual transmission will need fresh fluid to complete the installation. Use our high quality synthetic gear oil to help keep your transmission working like new for years. Also, make sure you replace your clutch cable because a poorly functioning clutch could cause damage to your trans.



Additional Information

Additional Information

Fits Jetta, Golf, Gas and Diesel, 85-92, with 90mm flanges
SKU 40524
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