MK2 Jetta & Golf 8V Water Pipe

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Jetta & Golf 1985-1992 8V gas or diesel.

Year Model Engine
1985Golf1.6 D
1985Golf1.8 GAS
1985GTI1.8 GAS
1985Jetta1.6 D
1985Jetta1.6 TD
1985Jetta1.8 GAS
1986Golf1.6 D
1986Golf1.8 GAS
1986GTI1.8 GAS
1986Jetta1.6 D
1986Jetta1.6 TD
1986Jetta1.8 GAS
1987Golf1.6 D
1987Golf1.8 GAS
1987GTI1.8 GAS
1987Jetta1.6 D
1987Jetta1.6 TD
1987Jetta1.8 GAS
1988Golf1.6 D
1988Golf1.8 GAS
1988GTI1.8 GAS
1988Jetta1.6 D
1988Jetta1.8 GAS
1989Golf1.6 D
1989Golf1.8 GAS
1989GTI1.8 GAS
1989Jetta1.6 D
1989Jetta1.8 GAS
1990Golf1.6 D
1990Golf1.8 GAS
1990GTI1.8 GAS
1990Jetta1.6 D
1990Jetta1.8 GAS
1991Golf1.8 GAS
1991GTI1.8 GAS
1991Jetta1.6 D
1991Jetta1.6 TD
1991Jetta1.8 GAS
1992Golf1.8 GAS
1992GTI1.8 GAS
1992Jetta1.6 D
1992Jetta1.6 TD
1992Jetta1.8 GAS

MK2 Jetta & Golf 8V Water Pipe

Item #: 16191 VW #: 027-121-065D , 027121065D

Water Pipe: Jetta, Golf 85-92 - 8V w/o Oil Cooler

VW water pipe. This is the metal water pipe that runs down the side of your 8V gas or diesel VW engine. This pipe is more likely to rust than crack and should be replaced to prevent contamination of your entire cooling system.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

Along with the VW water pipe you should take this time to replace all of your coolant hoses at this time. We have 2 different kits for different the Jetta & Golf shown below.



Water Pipe: Jetta, Golf 85-92 - 8V w/o Oil Cooler
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Additional Information

Fits Jetta & Golf 1985-1992 8V gas or diesel.
SKU 16191
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Part # 027-121-065D
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Part # Alternative 1 027121065D
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