MK4 2.0L 4 Bolt Flange Catalytic Converter

Fits & Compatibilities

Jetta and New Beetle 2001-2005, Golf 2001-2006. 2.0L gas engine code AVH, BEV, BBW.

Year Model Engine
2001Golf2.0 GAS
2001Jetta2.0 GAS
2001New Beetle2.0 GAS
2002Golf2.0 GAS
2002Jetta2.0 GAS
2002New Beetle2.0 GAS
2003Golf2.0 GAS
2003Jetta2.0 GAS
2003New Beetle2.0 GAS
2004Golf2.0 GAS
2004Jetta2.0 GAS
2004New Beetle2.0 GAS
2005Golf2.0 GAS
2005Jetta2.0 GAS
2005New Beetle2.0 GAS
2006Golf2.0 GAS

MK4 2.0L 4 Bolt Flange Catalytic Converter

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Catalytic Converter: Jetta, Golf, New Beetle 01-05 - 2.0L Gas, 4 Bolt Flange

VW catalytic converter. Catalytic convertors clean the exhaust gases using heat and a chemical reaction. If the engine stays in tune, converters operate worry free for a very long time. If you have kept a poor running car, just to make it "a few more miles" the convertor can plug up and damage the other parts. If it rust through or becomes blocked, it's time to replace it. This is an original equipment, direct fit, high quality converter with integrated downpipe. This version uses a 4 bolt flange. **EPA Federal Compliant - Not Legal for sale or use in California. Legal in New York and Maine on EPA Federal Emission Equipped Vehicles only.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

You may find it easier to remove a lot of your old rusty hardware when you install the catalytic convertor, so purchase the install kit shown below to replace your old hardware. When replacing your catalytic convertor inspect the rest of your exhaust system for rust and damage. Purchase one of our complete exhaust kits listed below for a factory fit.

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