MK5 & MK6 Jetta & Golf TDI Fuel Filter

Fits & Compatibilities

Jetta TDI 2005-2014, Golf TDI 2010-2014. If the center hole does goes all the way through the filter, you need SN#21171.

Year Model Engine
2005Jetta1.9 TDI
2006Jetta1.9 TDI
2009Jetta2.0 TDI
2010Golf2.0 TDI
2010Jetta2.0 TDI
2011Golf2.0 TDI
2011Jetta2.0 TDI
2012Golf2.0 TDI
2012Jetta2.0 TDI
2013Beetle2.0 TDI
2013Golf2.0 TDI
2013Jetta2.0 TDI

MK5 & MK6 Jetta & Golf TDI Fuel Filter

Item #: 21172

Fuel Filter: Jetta, Golf TDI 06-14 (with center hole that does not go all the way through)

VW Jetta TDI fuel filter. OEM quality Mann/Mahle/Bosch, fuel filters. Superior to the light weight multiple application US discount store fuel filters. These filters are physically heavier by weight and have more filtering material within them than discount store filters. Replace according to Volkswagens' maintenance schedule.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

When replacing your VW TDI fuel filter you have 2 possible choices. There doesn’t seem to be much logic on which Volkswagens received which filters, but we will try to help you out. In general this filter (#21172) fits in the filter assembly with a smooth rounded edge around the area where the torx screws are. It supposed to be in the late (2006+) BRM engine cars, and late Common Rail Diesels. Make sure this is the fuel filter for your Volkswagen TDI by visually inspecting it. The alternate is shown below. Also, don't forget to add Stanadyne fuel conditioner, as inconsistent fuel quality continues to be an issue all across the country. A little goes a long way in keeping your diesel running like new.

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