TDI Thermostat

Fits & Compatibilities

VW Diesels and TDI 1979-2006 87°C = 189°F

Year Model Engine
1996Golf1.9 TDI
1996Jetta1.9 TDI
1996Passat1.9 TDI
1997Golf1.9 TDI
1997Jetta1.9 TDI
1997Passat1.9 TDI
1998Golf1.9 TDI
1998Jetta1.9 TDI
1998New Beetle1.9 TDI
1999Golf1.9 TDI
1999Jetta1.9 TDI
1999New Beetle1.9 TDI
2000Golf1.9 TDI
2000Jetta1.9 TDI
2000New Beetle1.9 TDI
2001Golf1.9 TDI
2001Jetta1.9 TDI
2001New Beetle1.9 TDI
2002Golf1.9 TDI
2002Jetta1.9 TDI
2002New Beetle1.9 TDI
2003Golf1.9 TDI
2003Jetta1.9 TDI
2003New Beetle1.9 TDI
2004Golf1.9 TDI
2004Jetta1.9 TDI
2004New Beetle1.9 TDI
2004Passat2.0 TDI
2005Golf1.9 TDI
2005Jetta1.9 TDI
2005New Beetle1.9 TDI
2005Passat2.0 TDI
2006Golf1.9 TDI
2006Jetta1.9 TDI
2006New Beetle1.9 TDI

TDI Thermostat

Item #: 17960

Thermostat: 87°C = 189°F for TDI 96-06

This original equipment replacement thermostat is a direct replacement for use in VW Diesels & TDI.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

When you change your thermostat, you will want to have the correct coolant handy to top the system back up. If the housing around the thermostat is cracked or leaking, you will probably want to order a new housing at the same time.



Thermostat: 87°C = 189°F TDI
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Additional Information

Fits VW Diesels and TDI 1979-2006 87°C = 189°F
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