Touareg TDI Oil Filter

Fits & Compatibilities

Touareg TDI & Audi Q7 TDI 2009-2012. CATA Engine only.

Year Model Engine
2009Audi Q73.0 TDI
2009Touareg3.0 TDI
2010Audi Q73.0 TDI
2010Touareg3.0 TDI
2011Audi Q73.0 TDI
2011Touareg3.0 TDI
2012Audi Q73.0 TDI
2012Touareg3.0 TDI

Touareg TDI Oil Filter

Item #: 30031 VW #: 057115651M

Oil Filter: Touareg & Q7 TDI 09-12

VW Touareg TDI oil filter. We carry only top quality filters that are superior to the light weight multiple application filters you find at discount auto part stores. These filters are physically heavier by weight and have more filtering material in them.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

To keep your VW Touareg TDI or Audi Q7 running wit the correct oil in the engine. VW/Audi specifies a low ash oil for these engines to keep the catalytic converter and diesel particulat filter (DPF) from clogging. If you do not keep this approved oils running in your engine the cat will clog, leaving you with a huge repair bill. If you have high mileage on your Touareg or Audi, consider using the DPF cleaning kit to save big dollars compared to the replacement costs on the DPF filter.

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