Type III and Type IV Front Brake Pads

Fits & Compatibilities

Type III 1971-1973, Type IV 1970-1974

Year Model Engine
1971Type III1600
1971Type IV1700
1972Type III1600
1972Type IV1700
1973Type III1600
1973Type IV1700
1974Type IV1800

Type III and Type IV Front Brake Pads

Item #: 2351 VW #: 411698151

Brake Pads: Type III 71-73, Type IV 70-74 - Front

VW Type III front brake pads. Great premium quality brake pads balance long life, low dust, and quiet operation. These pads are an excellent value for your Type III or Type IV. One set is enough for the front wheels.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

When replacing your VW Type III front brake pads check your rotors for pitting and deep scores. This kind of damage will severely reduce the mileage you get on new brake pads. Also if you have noticed a lot of vibration when you hit the brake pedal, you have warped rotors and they should be replaced immediately. Bleeding your brake system is critical to keeping your VW Type III stopping on a dime. When you bleed your brakes use ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid to make it easy while bleeding your Type III brakes. When the ATE brake fluid comes through the system you will notice the blue color, it lets you know that all the old fluid is gone.

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