Type III Rear Brake Shoes

Fits & Compatibilities

Rear, Type III 1966-1973, Type IV 1971-1974

Year Model Engine
1966Type III1600
1967Type III1600
1968Type III1600
1969Type III1600
1970Type III1600
1971Type III1600
1971Type IV1700
1972Type III1600
1972Type IV1700
1973Type III1600
1973Type IV1700
1974Type IV1800

Type III Rear Brake Shoes

Item #: 2234 VW #: 311609537E

Brake Shoes: Type III 66-73, Type IV 71-74 - Rear

VW Type III brake shoes. This is a direct fit set of brake shoes for your Type III or Type IV. Don't take any chances with old worn out brake shoes; your Type IV and your life are too valuable. This set is enough to do the rear brakes on both sides. Note: the emergency brake levers must be removed from your old shoes and installed on the new shoes to complete the job.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

If you change the brake shoes on your Type III and Type IV and the rest of the brake system is not up to snuff you may find yourself replacing the shoes sooner rather than later. So make sure to do a proper brake job by replacing your brake drums now, and inspect your wheel cylinders for leaks.

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