VR6 24 Valve Timing Chain Kit

Fits & Compatibilities

Jetta GLI VR6 2002-2004, Golf GTI VR6 2002-2006, R32 2004 & 2008, Eurovan 2001-2003, Eos 2007-2008, Touareg 2004-2006. Engine codes BDF, BJS, AXK, CBRA, BUB, BAA.

Year Model Engine
2001Eurovan2.8 VR6
2002Eurovan2.8 VR6
2002GTI2.8 VR6
2002Jetta2.8 VR6
2003Eurovan2.8 VR6
2003GTI2.8 VR6
2003Jetta2.8 VR6
2004GTI2.8 VR6
2004Jetta2.8 VR6
2004R 323.2 VR6
2004Touareg3.2 VR6
2005GTI2.8 VR6
2005Jetta2.8 VR6
2005Touareg3.2 VR6
2006Touareg3.2 VR6
2007Eos3.2 VR6
2008Eos3.2 VR6
2008R 323.2 VR6

VR6 24 Valve Timing Chain Kit

Item #: 22560

Timing Chain Kit: VR6 24V 02-08

VW VR6 timing chain kit. If you are starting to hear the tell tale sound of your timing chains rattling, it sounds like nails in a tin can, it’s going to be time to replace your timing guides before the chains break, leading to a head rebuild. The best way to complete the job is to replace all of your guides and tensioners at one time, and be set for many more miles in your GTI, GLI, R32, Touareg, or Eurovan.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

When you are ready to install your VW VR6 timing chain kit you may want to replace your clutch too. The clutch and flywheel assembly need to be removed from the engine, so it’s best to knock out the a clutch replacement along with the timing chains. At the very least make sure you have our clutch install kit to replace your rear seal, and flywheel bolts at this time.

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