VR6 AC Compressor New

Fits & Compatibilities

Jetta & Golf VR6 1994-1999, Passat VR6 1996-1997, Corrado 1993-1995

Year Model Engine
1993Corrado2.8 VR6
1993Jetta2.8 VR6
1994Corrado2.8 VR6
1994Jetta2.8 VR6
1995Corrado2.8 VR6
1995GTI2.8 VR6
1995Jetta2.8 VR6
1996GTI2.8 VR6
1996Jetta2.8 VR6
1996Passat2.8 VR6
1997GTI2.8 VR6
1997Jetta2.8 VR6
1997Passat2.8 VR6
1998GTI2.8 VR6
1998Jetta2.8 VR6
1999GTI2.8 VR6
1999Jetta2.8 VR6

VR6 AC Compressor New

Item #: 13004 VW #: 357-820-803

A/C Compressor: Jetta, Golf, Corrado 93-99, VR6 - New

VW VR6 A/C compressor. Keep your cool in the summer by replacing your A/C compressor. The compressor is the heart of your climate system; its main job is to pump the refrigerant and the A/C system. When it stops working your car will only blow hot air; leaving you to sweat it out. Replace it with this new factory quality A/C compressor.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

Changing out your VW VR6 A/C compressor on your own is not a complicated job. A local shop will remove the refrigerant in your car for you then you can take the car home and complete the VR6 A/C compressor install. If you need guidance on what the proper procedures are when installing the VR6 A/C compressor then pick up the Bentley manual for your vehicle.

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