208,000+ miles: 2001 VW TDI Turbo. 201,000+ miles: Beetle TDI. John & Karen. Sturgis, MI.

Our Cars are his and hers, both are ‘01’s, both are 5 speeds. His is a TDI Golf with 211,000 miles and is his main commuter. We replaced the Turbo at 208,000 miles. Most trips have been in Michigan Ohio or the UP. We Love it, it gets over 50 MPG regularly. Hers is a New Beetle TDI. It commutes to Kalamazoo and Ypsilanti. She loves it. She calls it the love bug. It has 201,000 miles. We replaced the tie rod ends, timing belts as required and regular maintenance on both cars. We plan on making our own bio-diesel in the future.