VW Bus parts


Dates: 1950-1979
Models: Volkswagen Bus, Camper, Split Window, 23 Window, Bay Window, Kombi Type 2
Engines: 1200cc, 1500cc, 1600 Single Port, 1600cc Dual Port, 1700cc, 1800cc, 2000cc
Looking VW Bus parts? You’ve come to the right place. We are the VW Bus parts experts. The Volkswagen Bus was the brainchild of Dutch Olympian and motor racer Ben Pon who saw a market for an affordable, well-built van in the USA and sketched out the design for the Volkswagen Type 2 Bus in 1947. By 1950, Volkswagen’s finest engineers had created the final, legendarily boxy and utilitarian design which quickly went into production. The VW Bus quickly grew in popularity as it could carry as many passengers as a standard van for about half the cost in fuel. We have an incredible selection of OEM VW Bus parts, replacement vintage VW Bus body parts, and used VW Bus parts. We can help you keep your Bus running just like it was on the way to see The Grateful Dead. We have been in business since 1977 so we know the VW Bus in and out. We sell only quality discounted VW Bus parts that we would be willing to put in our own Volkswagens. Is everyone telling you the part you need for your VW Bus isn’t available? Don’t panic! We have many hard to find vintage VW Bus body parts, too. However, we don’t have all of our VW Bus parts online, especially if we only have one, so call us at (586) 757-2300 to see if we have what you need. We want to talk to you because we love our VWs just as much as you do!

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Swing Axle Boot Clamp - Small
item#: 20894

2000cc Bus Engine Long block
item#: 1110

Bus & Vanagon Rear Muffler
Chrome Flat Hub Cap for Beetle Bus Vanagon
item#: 5152

Door Striker Post
item#: 18231

Timing Hole Plug Kit
item#: 11191

Exhaust Manifold Stud
item#: 3576

3.5mmmm Fuel or Vacuum Line
item#: 3607

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