VW Fox parts


< Dates: 1987-1993 (still sold in South America and Mexico)
Models: Fox, Fox Wagon
Engines: 1.8L CIS, 1.8L Digifant
Looking for VW Fox parts? You’ve come to the right place. We are the Volkswagen Fox car parts experts. The Volkswagen Fox first began production in 1987. Although it was far from the most popular VW car in the States, the Fox was the best-selling car in Brazil for 27 straight years. As of 2013, it was announced that over 10 million VW Foxes have been produced, making it one of the most manufactured cars of all time. That’s a Gol if I’ve ever heard one. If you’re looking for an unbelievable selection of OEM VW Fox parts, replacement VW Fox parts, or used VW Fox parts then Parts Place, Inc. is your definitive one-stop-shop. We carry all the quality, discount VW Fox parts you need to get your car back on the road. Is everyone telling you the part you need for your VW Fox isn’t available? Don’t panic! We carry hard to find Volkswagen Fox car parts too, but we don’t have all of our VW Fox parts on-line, so call us at (586) 757-2300 to see if we have what you need. We’d love to share some of our 40 years of Volkswagen knowledge with you.

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1.8L Carbureted Cylinder Head
item#: 41522

11mm Cylinder Head Bolt
Freeze Plug Style Block Heater

Out of stock

item#: 3710

Fox Shift Linkage Bushing
item#: 15295

4 Cylinder Water Pump - 30mm Hub
item#: 5013

Door Striker Post
item#: 18231

G11 Coolant
item#: 18727

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