100,000 Mile Club

"Keeping your car is smart! Car payments are dumb!"

Many people pride themselves on driving the newest car that comes down the assembly line. I used to think it was strange that everyone had a new car and a monthly payment. I never understood that. I finally realized, I’m not crazy, the rest of the world is.  When we started the 100,000 Mile Club, we found out that a lot of people feel the same way that we do. We at Parts Place, and many of our customers, pride ourselves in driving cars with 100,000, 200,000, and even 300,000 miles!
Interested in joining our 100,000 mile club and recieving a free gift?  Send us an email at MyVW@PartsPlaceInc.com with your VW's story, your contact information, and several photos.  (You get bonus points if you and your dog are included in the picture with your VW.) 

Below are just a few of our members...


232,000 miles: 1981 VW Rabbit LS. Gary B.

100,000 Mile ClubThis is my 1981 Rabbit Diesel LS that I purchased new in July '81 (about 3 months before my daughter was born). Always said it would be her first car but everyone said it wouldn't last! Well, at 16 she drove it for 2 years until she bought her own car. The Rabbit sat in my garage until '04 when I decided to... read more

300,511 miles: 1997 VW Passat. Karl R.

100,000 Mile ClubI got my first Rabbit diesel in 1980 after I knew of 5 ministers that had them, expressly for the mileage. Since then I have owned another Rabbit, a Golf, a Jetta. This ’97 Passat (pictured) has 300,511 miles on it; I also own another Passat with over 200,000 miles on it. They are both diesels. Compared to a gas vehicle I could pay for fuel for 200,000 miles and “coast” another 100,000 miles... read more

350,000+ miles: VW GTI. Heather S. Pasco, WA.

100,000 Mile ClubOriginal transmission and engine with only a couple modifications--larger throttle body and a new header. The GTI is pushing 350,000+ miles. My dad bought it from a buddy who bought it brand new off the lot. Then he gave it to me and I've been working on it to make it like new. Dad and I drove it to Reno and back a couple years ago (2,500 mile trip). It has a few little problems with it... read more

154,000+ miles: 1989 VW Cabriolet. Jeanen & Vaughn L. Irondequoit, NY.

100,000 Mile ClubThis is my wife?s daily driver, it is a 1989 black on black Cabriolet with an Automatic 3 spd, and 154,000 miles. My wife has named the car ?Rhodie.? We are from NY. My wife and I vacation in Rhode Island just down the road from where the original owner lives, and where I proposed to my wife. I proposed aboard the 72 ft Schooner Adirondack. Last fall we started noticing engine oil... read more

208,000+ miles: 2001 VW TDI Turbo. 201,000+ miles: Beetle TDI. John & Karen. Sturgis, MI.

100,000 Mile ClubOur Cars are his and hers, both are ?01?s, both are 5 speeds. His is a TDI Golf with 211,000 miles and is his main commuter. We replaced the Turbo at 208,000 miles. Most trips have been in Michigan Ohio or the UP. We Love it, it gets over 50 MPG regularly. Hers is a New Beetle TDI. It commutes to Kalamazoo and Ypsilanti. She loves it. She calls it the love bug. It has 201,000 miles. We replaced... read more

1980 Diesel Pickup: Les A. Houston, TX

1980 Diesel PickupI have owned my '80 diesel pickup since it was ten years old. Mileage now is 236K. Original interior was replaced with nicer parts from a Jetta and seats from a GTI. Sway bars are installed front and rear. The work rack was fabricated from aluminum and works very well. Rust has been a problem underneath... read more


154,000 miles: 1996 Volkswagen Jetta GLS. Don C. Dillion, MT

100,000 Mile ClubWe got our car in 1998 with around 45,000 miles on it. Drive it to work on the Montana winter roads all the time. Not quite as versatile as my ?68 bug I use to own in High School (drove that one everywhere), but a good road car. I replaced the transmission at around 90,000 miles (tried to get it home with a broken clutch cable, worked with the old bug, not a good idea in the Jetta). Even ran over an already dead deer... read more


222,000+ miles: VW Golf. Richard K.

100,000 Mile Club
She has 216,000 plus miles and I still drive it daily. No major motor work done, except adjustment of the lifters. Just religious oil changes and good maintenance... read more


176,000+ miles: 1970 VW Cabrio. Bill W. Woodbury, NJ

100,000 Mile Club
I got the car in October 1987 with 26,000 miles on the odometer. My 1970 VW Cabrio after 18 years & 176,000 miles was starting to run out of gas, and I needed a replacement. The ?79 is a mostly original car. Body-wise nothing has been replaced... read more


194,000+ miles: 1985 VW A2 Jetta Turbodiesel. Mark O. Sedro-Woolley, WA.

100,000 Mile Club
Enclosed is a picture of my car. It is a 1985 A2 Jetta Turbodiesel that my folks bought nearly new in Maryland. They gave it to my sister in Montana, she drove it a few years. I then purchased it from her a couple of years ago, and we brought it to Washington State. At 194K, she still starts when I want to, and... read more


283,791 miles: 1981 Rabbit Pick-Up. Sam S

100,000 Mile ClubOriginal body and trans. Motor was changed at 140k. My uncle parked it in the weeds behind the barn because the wheel bearing and a few other things were wrong. It sat there for one year. I needed to move home from college, so I jumped it and it started right up. I fixed the little stuff and have driven it everywhere since. Modifications: Gas intake manifold and cone filter on drivers side. Gas 4-2-1 exhaust manifold... read more


161,299 miles: 1998 VW Jetta (a.k.a. "The Silver Sedan"). J.P. Anderfinn

100,000 Mile Club
This 5 speed/1.8T was purchased new in '98. Driven daily and maintained in my dad's backyard garage (everything except the timing). No special modifications; just good oil and regular maintenance. This past April, my commute jumped to about 120 miles a day. I expect this car to reach... read more 


205,000+ miles: 1994 VW Jetta. James R.

100,000 Mile Club
My car is a '94 Jetta 2 Liter 5 speed. I bought in Aug. of 07. Car had 188,000 miles when I bought it through a friend's father who does auto body in Albany, NY. 10-hour trip later it was mine. Work that has been done to the car: clutch was done at 190,000 miles... read more


239,000 miles & 109,000 miles: VW Pickup. Henry H.

100,000 Mile ClubI’d like to enter my VW pickups into your 100,000-mile club. The one on the left I bought in 1997 and put 239,000 miles on it. It’s a New York vehicle, so rust is a problem. I collected two more trucks and made one good one on the right rust free with 109,000 miles... read more 


Just over 100,000 miles: 2002 VW Golf TDI. David Z.

100,000 Mile ClubI bought my Golf new in Dover Delaware and about a year later moved to Rapid City South Dakota. While out west I would make several trips to the East Coast averaging 20,000 a year. I had very little unexpected maintenance other than the occasional glow plug issue. She just hit 100,000 as I was... read more


 285,471 miles & 96,327 miles: VW Jetta TDIs. Joseph R.

100,000 Mile ClubI have 2 VW Jetta TDIs and would like to join your 100k Club. My 2000 (BIO 2) has 285,471 miles and the 2001 (BIO 1) has 96,327 miles—soon to be 100,000. Both cars have been running on 100% biodiesel... read more