VW Phaeton parts


Dates: 2002-2006(still sold in European and Asian markets)
Models: VW Phaeton
Engines: 4.2l V8, 6.0L W12
Looking for VW Phaeton parts? You’ve come to the right place. We are the VW Phaeton parts experts. The Volkswagen Phaeton is said to have been built to give the VW executives something to drive to work so they didn’t have to park their Bentleys and Audi A8s in the VW parking lot. The VW Phaeton continues to see success in China, but it’s been off the market in the U.S. for a good decade now and here’s a little taste of why. I had the (dis)pleasure of driving the first VW Phaeton that made it into the U.S. with a hefty $100,000 price tag attached. One of their test engineers was working part-time for Parts Place, Inc. and we thought it would be fun to give it a spin. Let me tell you: just switching lanes on a mild curve at 95 mph I almost rolled the thing. And this is coming from someone who’s driven race cars, fork trucks, every junk car with no brakes or steering and trucks the size of a whale and the VW Phaeton has to be the scariest to sit behind the wheel of all of them. The “stability control” might as well be called “death mode” and all of its 27 computers seem only to conspire to make sure the car doesn’t stay shiny side up. Jokes aside, we know that VW worked out the kinks before production and finally put out a great car that Phaeton owners here have grown to love. (Given that the Phaeton is on the same platform as the Bentley and the Audi A8, you know the quality is there.) So if you’re looking for an unbelievable selection of high quality OEM VW Phaeton and replacement VW Phaeton parts, call us at (586) 757-2300.

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Exhaust Manifold Stud
item#: 3576

3.5mmmm Fuel or Vacuum Line
item#: 3607

Hylomar Gasket Sealant
item#: 18945

12 Point Triple Square Bit Set
item#: 23502

502.00 505.00 505.1 5w40 Motor Oil 1 Liter
item#: 21261

Vag Com Scanner

Out of stock

item#: 21998

G12+ coolant
item#: 18726

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