Our Team

We're not really an internet company; we're a bricks-and-mortar store, a mail-order company that's been in business for over 35 years. We're real people who drive Volkswagens and know Volkswagens. When you call us, you talk to a real person who's changed out the injection pump on a Rabbit Diesel, or replaced the pushrod tubes on a Beetle. You don't get your call routed to some call center in Bangalore!


Steve "The Dazzler"

Steve "The Dazzler" will dazzle you with his VW knowledge. He "LOVES" to talk and if at some point you can interrupt his ramblings, you may just get your order in! With over 18 years with us, Steve is our most experienced salesman, and also our top producer. If you have plenty of time, and some money to spend, Steve will get you back on the road!

Larry "The Data Miner"

Larry has been an avid VW enthusiast since he was just a kid! Sometimes he's a little too enthusiastic, according to the local cops that know his Jetta Turbo better than he would like. Larry worked for us years ago as a dismantler to earn his early stripes. With a little education and more than a decade of time, he's back expanding and improving the parts in our Parts Place lineup. We enjoy listening to him talk to his computer, and luckily we haven’t heard it talk back yet.

Kevin "Metal Meister"

Kevin "Metal Meister" is charged with handling the "heavy metal." On his own time this takes on a decidedly musical meaning. On the job, he's the one that gets you your "metal, aka parts" on time and as you ordered them! With over a decade of experience with us under his belt, and 5 years working on his own Fox, there is not much he can't handle for you!

Maggie "The Magster" 

Maggie "The Magster" has been kicking around since she was knee high to a '74 Beetle. Having outgrown playing hide and seek in the warehouse shelving, she decided to try her hand at selling the parts she used to hide behind. Now her kids are running through the aisles as she guides us into the next decade with plans for a better life for all of our customers and teammates.

JP "Snapshot"

JP "Snapshot" has a serious penchant for pictures, some may even call it an obsession. Senor Snapshot sees the world through rose colored Nikon lenses. He loves to snap photos, but we get the sneaking suspicion that he's not warming up to us as we'd hoped. He staunchly refuses to live any closer than 90 miles from any of us! His commute sure puts a lot of miles on his Passat, but JP says he needs his space, and we cramp his creative style. None the less, if you are reading this book then you are enjoying the fruits of his labor! 

Monique "The TaskMaster"

Monique is the master of tasks large and small. She gets the catalog requests out, organizes the newsletter, and handles all of our “customers speak” stories. As if that’s not enough, she tracks down many of the hard to find, off the beaten path Parts for customer orders!

Willie "The Deacon"

Willie "The Deacon" is the Rain Man of part numbers. He very well may know the part number, and location, of every part that we stock in our twenty five thousand square foot warehouse! After a short drive to work in his Fox, he gets to work keeping us stocked, knee deep, in new and used parts. We don't call him "Deacon" for nothin'...so if you happen to hear some Gospel Singing being belted out you can be assured it's Willie! 


Maggie, JP, and Recycled Jack circa 1978 placing Irish turf under the first Parts Place building. It is an Irish tradition to put a piece of turf from Ireland under your new house for good luck. Since we've been around for 30+ years I guess it worked!

Maggie, JP and Recycled Jack circa 2009 in one of our small parts isles.