VW Rabbit parts


Dates: 1974–1983, 2006-2009
Models: Volkswagen Rabbit (Golf) Mk1, VW Rabbit (Golf) Mk5 (Called a Golf in Europe)
Engines: 1.5L, 1.6L, 1.7L, 1.8L, 1.5D, 1.6D, 1.6TD, 2.5L 5cyl
Looking for VW Rabbit parts? You’ve come to the right place. We are the VW Rabbit parts experts. In 1974, the Volkswagen Rabbit came as the long overdue replacement for the VW Beetle. Now don’t get us wrong, we love our VW Beetles and VW Buses, but the VW Rabbit is not only fun to drive, simple, great on fuel economy, and easy to fix, it also comes equipped with an engine that doesn’t need to be rebuilt every 75,000 miles. In fact, we’ve known VW Rabbits to go over 200,000 without an overhaul! The VW Rabbit loving community is still going strong today, enjoying its incredible modifiability, changing in and out everything from the front headlights, grill, seats, engines, and transmissions. When it comes to a VW Rabbit, there’s no “snob club” telling you what’s “wrong” with your restoration so you can build your VW Rabbit how you want. We have been in business since 1977 so believe us when we say we know VW Rabbits in and out and have all of the best OEM VW Rabbit parts, replacement VW Rabbit parts, and discount VW Rabbit parts you need to keep your VW Rabbit looking and feeling great. Is everyone telling you the part you need for your VW Rabbit isn’t available? Don’t panic! We have used VW Rabbit parts, too, however, we don’t have all of our used VW Rabbit parts online, so call us at (586) 757-2300 to see if we have what you need. We’d love to share some of our 40 years of Volkswagen knowledge with you.

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