Used Parts

Used Parts

Parts Place inc has hundreds of square feet of warehouse filled with used VW parts. Since we usually only have one or two of any specific used parts, we do not have them listed on line.  Either give us a call at (586) 757-2300 or complete the form below.  Once  the  information is submitted, we  will attempt to locate a used part for your VW either from our own warehouse, or through our used parts network.  All used parts requests are handled as quickly as possible.  For phone requests we will attempt to locate the part while on the phone.  For on-line requests the process can take anywhere from 24 hours to 72 hours to complete.  Please allow 3 working days for our response. 

Buying a used part is very different than buying a new parts.  While usually a terrific value, please make sure you have considered the tips below before you finalize your used parts purchasing decision.  


For parts which are still available from VW or an aftermarket source, the price will typically be 55-60% of what a new part will be. Of course, parts which are not available new and the supply is limited, expect the market price to be based on demand. In other words, if you find it, buy it and be happy you were able to even get the part.


We use a 1-10 scale for ranking the quality of our used parts (10 being the best). Unless otherwise noted, all of the parts we sell will be in the 6-7 range. They will also be as removed from the car (clean up and painting may be required). Note: The parts you receive are "used" and "will not look as though they just came out of a factory fresh box".


We do our best to respond to all parts requests withing one business day. Required fields are denoted by an *. 

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We try our best to respond to all Parts Requests within 1 business day. Required fields are denoted by an *