VW Touareg parts


Dates: 2002- Present
Models: VW Touareg)
Engines: 3.2 V6, 3.6L V6, 4.2L V8, 5.0L V10 TDI, 3.0L TDI
Looking for VW Touareg parts? You’ve come to the right place. We are the VW Touareg parts experts. Volkswagen’s Touareg began production in 2002 as a SUV designed to provide smooth handling and an excellent driving experience whether you’re taking a tour around the city or trying to escape the urban jungle with some real off-roading. Despite its friendly look, the VW Touareg boasts amazing power beneath the hood and currently holds the record for the heaviest load towed by a passenger car by towing a Boeing 747! Okay, maybe only at 5mph, but still, it did it all with an almost entirely stock build. Not too shabby, we think. Here at Parts Place, Inc., we carry nothing but the highest quality discount OEM VW Touareg and replacement VW Touareg parts you need to get your VW Touareg back on the road in no time. And remember, we only sell VW parts, so you can rest assured we know which Volkswagen Touareg parts you need to get your Touareg looking, feeling, and performing great. And if you need any help at all, just give us a call at (586) 757-2300. We’d love to share some of our 40 years of Volkswagen knowledge with you.

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Exhaust Manifold Stud
item#: 3576

3.5mmmm Fuel or Vacuum Line
item#: 3607

LiquiMoly Diesel Purge
item#: 3536

Hylomar Gasket Sealant
item#: 18945

12 Point Triple Square Bit Set
item#: 23502

502.00 505.00 505.1 5w40 Motor Oil 1 Liter
item#: 21261

Vag Com Scanner

Out of stock

item#: 21998

TDI Compression Tester Adapter
item#: 18707

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