Close Encounters of the VW Kind

Ever drive down the road, see a car, and say "What the *!#&%!#* is up with that"?  We have VWs that fit into that category drive into our shop all the time. This page is our attempt to share a few of those stories with you.  Interested in being featured in Close Encounters of the VW Kind? Send us an email at with your story, contact information, and several photos. (You get bonus points if you and your dog are included in the picture with your car.) Hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do!

1982 VW Vanagon. Troy and Amy. Grand Rapids, MI.

FrankincenseThis is Frankincense, our 82 diesel Vanagon. We found him on Craigslist for $600 as a part-out that survived a head on collision with an Explorer(the Explorer didn't) . . . read more


1967 VW Campmobile Westfalia. Richard H. Farmington Hills, MI.

Custom GolfI have had it since 1985, and used it for camping all around Michigan and Canada, doing the Lake Superior Circle Tour, Georgian Bay and the West side of Michigan . . . read more


Five VW Pickups: Paul M. Flemming, CO.

VW PickupsI have 5 VW pickups. I drive one myself. I polished the intake manifold, and the exhaust ports. I get 50 miles to the gallon. They are all Diesels except one. I am 90 years old. I have worked on them for 30 years. I used to buy them in Denver at the auction, fix them up and sell them. There are no more to be bought around here. I am going to sell them all and quit . . . read more


Custom Golf: Mike H. Roscommon, MI.

Custom GolfHere is the latest update on my project: 2.0L 16v shortblock w/ 1.8L head, ported and polished guides and retainers, ported and polished throttle body, APR head studs, Autotech street cams, 50mm intake manifold ++ chip. Most recently I?ve added a 2 1/2 inch header, custom exhaust with Magna Flow muffler, Eibach springs, KYB shocks, Autotech struts . . . read more


1968 Bug: Bill N.

1968 Bug
It's finally done! I've owned the car for three years. It was an all stock California car. The build took two years and includes a turbo charged 2332. It also has air ride on all four wheels and a custom interior . . . read more


Westfalia Vanagon: Eldon K. Terrell, TX

I bought my Westfalia Vanagon in 1992. It had 62,846 miles on it. It now has 128,150. I have been offered $10,000 for it. I didn?t even consider it. If I sold it I[d never find another one like it. I love this van too much to give it up. So I will keep it until I am pushing up daisies . . . read more


1981 Bio Diesel Pickup: Fred B. Clarkston, MI

Bio Diesel PickupMy name is Fred, and along with my wife Sue, we have lived in Clarkston, MI most of our lives. I have been a welder for 35 years. I purchased this 1981 VW Rabbit Pickup from my brother in Florida in May of 2008. I immediately disassembled the Rabbit, removed the sunroof, and installed a new headliner. Then ... read more


1965 VW Bug: Eric B.

1965 BugI bought my 1965 VW Bug off EBay in 2004. I paid for it 'sight unseen' and had it delivered from California. It was everything that the seller promised to me. I really like this car because it is fun to drive, economical at 20 mpg city, and it takes up little garage space. I am no stranger to VWs. I have owned several Dune Buggies . . . read more


1980 Diesel Pickup: Les A. Houston, TX

1980 Diesel PickupI have owned my '80 diesel pickup since it was ten years old. Mileage now is 236K. Original interior was replaced with nicer parts from a Jetta and seats from a GTI. Sway bars are installed front and rear. The work rack was fabricated from aluminum and works very well. Rust has been a problem underneath . . . read more


1984 VW Westy named Hermi the Big Green Van: Jay Lefstein.

Close Encounters 1984 WestyI bought this well kept Westy in Lindsay, Ontario on July 7, 2007 for $7777. Since then I have put my heart and soul into it. Upgrades include: 3 LCD Screens, 2 DVD Players, Bamboo flooring, rubber floor mats in front, Carat springs, front seats and jump seat, new propane tank, second battery kit with Odyssey battery. Future plans . . . read more


1982 Solar-Powered Air-Cooled Vanagon: Barbara and Jim Miller.

Close Encounters 1982 Vanagon

Barbara and Jim have had this vehicle on the road full-time for the past 10 years (they've driven it through nine different countries!). Two 80W roof-mounted solar panels, in addition to two 6V golf-cart batteries, supply the Vanagon with around-the-clock power . . . read more 


1994 VW Jetta with Checkerboard highlights. James R.

Close Encounters 1994 Jetta
My car is a '94 Jetta 2 Liter 5 speed. I bought in Aug. of 07. Car had 188,000 miles when I bought it through a friend's father who does auto body in Albany, NY. 10-hour trip later it was mine. Work that has been done to the car: clutch was done at 190,000 miles . . . read more