Thermostats and Seals

Can't find the VW thermostat you're looking for? We have more than 20,000 VW parts in stock and not all of our parts are listed online. So call us at (586) 757-2300 with your VW thermostat questions. We'd love to share our thirty years of Volkswagen knowledge and experience with you. We understand that a properly functioning VW thermostat is crucial for the safety and performance of your Volkswagen and we're here to help you keep your VW on the road.

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Block Heater
Instrument Cluster Voltage Regulator
item#: 12874

2.0T Thermostat Assembly
MK4 VR6 Thermostat Housing
MK5 & MK6 TDI Thermostat Housing
item#: 22851

TDI Pump Duse Thermostat Housing
Thermostat Housing
B5 Passat TDI BHW Thermostat Housing
item#: 22852

Thermostat O-Ring
item#: 1333

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