1.6L Diesel Piston Set +.020

Fits & Compatibilities

Volkswagen 1.6D Diesel, Non-Turbo, 81-92

Year Model Engine
1981Dasher1.6 D
1981Jetta1.6 D
1981Rabbit1.6 D
1981Rabbit Pick-up1.6 D
1982Jetta1.6 D
1982Rabbit1.6 D
1982Rabbit Pick-up1.6 D
1982Vanagon1.6 D
1983Jetta1.6 D
1983Rabbit1.6 D
1983Rabbit Pick-up1.6 D
1984Jetta1.6 D
1984Rabbit1.6 D
1984Rabbit Pick-up1.6 D
1984Vanagon1.6 D
1985Golf1.6 D
1985Jetta1.6 D
1986Golf1.6 D
1986Jetta1.6 D
1987Golf1.6 D
1987Jetta1.6 D
1988Golf1.6 D
1988Jetta1.6 D
1989Golf1.6 D
1989Jetta1.6 D
1990Golf1.6 D
1990Jetta1.6 D
1991Jetta1.6 D
1992Jetta1.6 D

1.6L Diesel Piston Set +.020

Item #: 21026

Piston Set: 1.6L Diesel - +.020"/.5mm Oversize

VW 1.6D piston set. This top quality piston set includes +.020"/0.5mm oversize pistons, rings, wrist pins, and circlips.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

Don't start your engine up dry; assembly lube is available as part #18949. Take care of your new pistons and rings by protecting them with VW approved oil. It’s specially formulated for diesel engines to withstand the high internal stresses that they deal with.

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