Vanagon 1.9L Standard Main Bearing Set

Fits & Compatibilities

Vanagon 2.1L Wasserboxer1986-1992

Year Model Engine
1986Vanagon2.1 GAS
1987Vanagon2.1 GAS
1988Vanagon2.1 GAS
1989Vanagon2.1 GAS
1990Vanagon2.1 GAS
1991Vanagon2.1 GAS
1992Vanagon2.1 GAS

Vanagon 1.9L Standard Main Bearing Set

Item #: 10238 VW #: 025-198-461A

Main Bearing Set: 2.1L Wasserboxer - Standard Size

VW Vanagon main bearing set. The main bearings hold the crankshaft in place within the engine block, and wear out over time. A lot of cold starts and driving farther between oil changes causes even more wear. Change these if you are removing the rods and pistons; its cheap insurance against a major rebuild later.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

These VW Vanagon main bearing sets do not include the thrust washers. For these engines you will need a set of the thrust washers shown below. And use a high quality assembly lube to be sure your engine is well protected during its first startup.

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