2.8L V6 Spark Plug

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Fits & Compatibilities

Passat 2.8V6 1998-2005, Audi A4 V6 1997-2001, Audi A6 V6 1998-2001

Year Model Engine
1997Audi A42.8 V6
1997Audi A4 Quattro2.8 V6
1998Audi A42.8 V6
1998Audi A4 Quattro2.8 V6
1998Audi A62.8 V6
1998Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
1998Passat2.8 V6
1999Audi A42.8 V6
1999Audi A4 Quattro2.8 V6
1999Audi A62.8 V6
1999Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
1999Passat2.8 V6
2000Audi A42.8 V6
2000Audi A4 Quattro2.8 V6
2000Audi A62.8 V6
2000Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
2000Passat2.8 V6
2001Audi A42.8 V6
2001Audi A4 Quattro2.8 V6
2001Audi A62.8 V6
2001Audi A6 Quattro2.8 V6
2001Passat2.8 V6
2002Passat2.8 V6
2003Passat2.8 V6
2004Passat2.8 V6
2005Passat2.8 V6

2.8L V6 Spark Plug

Item #: 19038 VW #: 101000035HJ

Spark Plug: 2.8 V6, Passat 98-05

VW Passat V6 spark plug. Over time spark plugs become dirty and burned out this prevents them from operating optimally. This robs you of the great performance of your VW once had. Replace them with these premium high performance spark plugs, with a precision fine tip tuned for extra power and fuel economy. The are OEM NGK replacement plugs. Sold each.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

When you go to install your VW Passat V6 spark plugs you may want a Bentley Manual by your side in case you need some extra help. While changing your spark plugs make sure you are keeping up with regular maintenance, like your air filter. A well maintained VW is a happy long living VW.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Fits Passat 2.8V6 1998-2005, Audi A4 V6 1997-2001, Audi A6 V6 1998-2001
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