Fox & Dasher Front Wheel Hub

Fits & Compatibilities

Volkswagen Fox 87-93; Dasher 74-81;

Year Model Engine
1973Audi Fox1.5 GAS
1974Audi Fox1.5 GAS
1974Dasher1.5 GAS
1975Audi Fox1.5 GAS
1975Dasher1.5 GAS
1976Audi Fox1.5 GAS
1976Dasher1.6 GAS
1977Audi Fox1.6 GAS
1977Dasher1.6 GAS
1978Audi Fox1.6 GAS
1978Dasher1.6 GAS
1979Audi Fox1.6 GAS
1979Dasher1.5 D
1979Dasher1.6 GAS
1980Audi 40001.6 GAS
1980Dasher1.5 D
1980Dasher1.6 GAS
1981Audi 40001.7 GAS
1981Dasher1.6 D
1982Audi 40001.6 D
1982Audi 40001.6 TD
1982Audi 40001.7 GAS
1982Quantum1.6 TD
1982Quantum1.7 GAS
1983Audi 40001.6 D
1983Audi 40001.6 TD
1983Audi 40001.7 GAS
1983Quantum1.6 TD
1983Quantum1.7 GAS
1983Quantum2.2 GAS
1984Audi 40001.8 GAS
1984Quantum1.6 TD
1984Quantum1.8 GAS
1984Quantum2.2 GAS
1985Audi 40001.8 GAS
1985Quantum1.6 TD
1985Quantum1.8 GAS
1985Quantum2.2 GAS
1986Audi 40001.8 GAS
1986Quantum1.8 GAS
1986Quantum2.2 GAS
1987Audi 40001.8 GAS
1987Fox1.8 GAS
1987Quantum2.2 GAS
1988Fox1.8 GAS
1988Quantum2.2 GAS
1989Fox1.8 GAS
1990Fox1.8 GAS
1991Fox1.8 GAS
1992Fox1.8 GAS
1993Fox1.8 GAS

Fox & Dasher Front Wheel Hub

Item #: 5138

Wheel Hub: Fox 87-93, Dasher 74-81 & Others - Front

OEM quality front wheel hub. The hub is what your lug bolts thread into, and the center presses into the front wheel bearing. If your bearing is stuck to the hub, or the hub was damaged while removing the bearing, you'll need a new one. Make sure to check your lug bolts threads on your hub too, they can get damaged by cross threading.

Do-it-Yourself Tip

When you remove the hub, unfortunately the bearings are destroyed and will need to be replaced.



Wheel Hub: Fox 87-93, Dasher 74-81 - Front
Additional Information

Additional Information

Fits Volkswagen Fox 87-93; Dasher 74-81;
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