Quantum & Fox Wagon Brake Proportioning Valve

Fits & Compatibilities

Quantum 1982-1988, Fox Wagon 1987-1993

Year Model Engine
1982Quantum1.6 TD
1982Quantum1.7 GAS
1983Quantum1.6 TD
1983Quantum1.7 GAS
1983Quantum2.2 GAS
1984Quantum1.6 TD
1984Quantum1.8 GAS
1984Quantum2.2 GAS
1985Quantum1.6 TD
1985Quantum1.8 GAS
1985Quantum2.2 GAS
1986Quantum1.8 GAS
1986Quantum2.2 GAS
1987Fox1.8 GAS
1987Quantum2.2 GAS
1988Fox1.8 GAS
1988Quantum2.2 GAS
1989Fox1.8 GAS
1990Fox1.8 GAS
1991Fox1.8 GAS
1992Fox1.8 GAS
1993Fox1.8 GAS

Quantum & Fox Wagon Brake Proportioning Valve

Item #: 14055 VW #: 331-612-151

Brake Proportioning Valve: Quantum 82-88, Fox Wagon 87-93

VW brake proportioning valve. The brake proportioning valve regulates how much pressure goes to the rear brakes. This part is load sensitive to adjust your brakes according to how much weight is in the vehicle. If you are noticing your rear brakes lock up more, or your rear brakes wearing fast, you should investigate replacing your brake proportioning valve.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

If your VW brake proportioning valve has worn out your rear brake parts, we also have new brake drums and shoes for your Quantum or Fox Wagon. The set for the VW Fox Wagon and Quantum is shown below.

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Additional Information

Fits Quantum 1982-1988, Fox Wagon 1987-1993
SKU 14055
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Part # 331-612-151
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