Vanagon Master Cylinder

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Vanagon 1980-1992

Year Model Engine
1982Vanagon1.6 D
1983Vanagon1.6 D
1983Vanagon1.9 GAS
1984Vanagon1.6 D
1984Vanagon1.9 GAS
1985Vanagon1.9 GAS
1986Vanagon2.1 GAS
1987Vanagon2.1 GAS
1988Vanagon2.1 GAS
1989Vanagon2.1 GAS
1990Vanagon2.1 GAS
1991Vanagon2.1 GAS
1992Vanagon2.1 GAS

Vanagon Master Cylinder

Item #: 2272

Brake Master Cylinder: Vanagon 80-92

The VW Vanagon master cylinder sends pressure through the brake lines to stop the vehicle. When these wear out you will typically notice a change in the way the brake pedal feels (spongy, sinking feeling, or effort required) that is not explained by the normal brake wear parts.


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Do-it-Yourself Tip

Flush fresh brake fluid through your brake lines when you change the master cylinder. Never try to reuse old fluid, over time it draws moisture from the air and then can't handle the heat generated while stopping. Have the Bentley manual handy and keep track of when you changed the fluid by storing the records in a real VW portfolio #14860.



all 80-92 w & w/o Power booster STD & Syncro
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Fits Vanagon 1980-1992
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